Amy Viccari Exercise Physiologist CPT, CKBI, SGT, SURFSET

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    Amy specializes in exercise for weight loss— bariatric and non-surgical, core training, resistance/strength training, surgical and non-surgical rehabilitation, and specificity training. With a background in exercise science, physiology, and sports medicine Amy offers one-on-one personalized training, small group training, and tandem training with an empathetic, sympathetic, and individualized approach.  Overcoming obesity has granted Amy an incredibly unique perspective to the journey of weight loss and years following.  Philosophy: “Exercising didn’t come naturally to me, nor did it come easily.  It wasn’t until I realized that I felt stronger and more energized than I ever had, that exercise became a reward rather than the punishment that I had always believed it to be.  Our bodies are the most useful and least utilized vehicle to health and wellness success.  Drive with passion, excitement, expectation and with your eyes forward. The only reason to look back is to remember how far you’ve come!!  Everyone’s journey is unique and I am prepared to meet you right where you are.  I will present you with all of the necessary tools, motivation, and accountability that you will need in order to reach your fitness goals and keep your engine moving forward!”
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