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    Dr. Sylvia Gonsahn-Bollie,M.D. is a Double Board Certified Obesity Expert, Healthy Lifestyle Champion and Great Listener. Dr. Bollie personally and professionally connects with the challenges associated with weight loss and obesity. She personally lost 60lbs of baby weight twice and maintained her weight loss for over 6 years through her personalized, holistic, scientific weight loss strategy. Dr. Bollie has had over 10,000 patient encounters and helped hundreds of patients reach their weight goals through her holistic, scientific personalized approach to sustainable weight loss. In 2020, she launched Embrace You Weight & Wellness a holistic weight & wellness program that helps women with > 30lbs to lose, get to their weight loss goals because "Choosing to embrace myself was the spark that ignited my journey to lasting weight loss, self-compassion & self-acceptance." Dr. Bollie is passionate about helping women stop obsessing over the scale, get to their Happy, Healthy Weight and feel great in the process.

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