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  • About Me

    What I like most about working with bariatric patients is the way they are learning to love life and themselves again. The smile on their faces when they realize there is a shining star, just for them, at the end of all of their accomplishments. When I interact with the patients, I like to make them feel as if they have known me forever, like a trusted friend. Once I see them smile back, I know I too have a friend. Most patient's love my personality and my smile. I like making people feel at home - no matter the circumstance. My best quality is my patience. I am also a great listener and truly am interested and want to hear from patients what is going on, how I can help and them sharing their success stories.

    Sharon Reed - Patient Coordinator/Billing Support 

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  • Location
    225 Millburn Avenue
    Suite 204
    Millburn, NJ 07041

    Phone: 973-218-1990
    Fax: 973-218-1104
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