B12 Energy Plus Topical Patch (30-Day Supply)

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B12 Energy Plus Topical Patch (30-Day Supply) by PatchMD - Vitamin Supplement

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    As an ObesityHelp community member, you have access to exclusive pricing with PatchMD to support your bariatric surgery journey for the long-haul. We invite you to shop for vitamin patches for yourself, family, and friends. No coupon code is needed!

    B12 Energy Plus Topical Patch (30-Day Supply)

    B12 vitamin compliance after bariatric surgery is essential. Unfortunately, it can sometimes feel like a struggle to find the best B12 option for your health and lifestyle. You may be tired of painful B12 shots, messy nasal sprays, or unpleasant tasting drops and lozenges. Many bariatric patients find that the best solution for them is to wear PatchMD Vitamin B12 patches!

    The PatchMD B12 Energy Plus Patch is one of our best selling bariatric vitamin patches! It is a great way to get your B12 in without the pain of a shot or the mess of nasal sprays. With a B12 patch, you can bypass the unpleasant taste of traditional supplements.

    It's really easy to be compliant with a B12 vitamin patch, simply peel from the package and apply to your skin! PatchMD B12 Plus Patches are made with hypoallergenic 3M medical-grade tape. Patches adhere best to lotion-free skin and areas of the body that have little to no hair, such as your shoulder or hip.  

    Our entire patch line is sourced and manufactured in the USA!

    PatchMD B12 Patches

    • May Boost Energy, Stamina, & Mental Clarity
    • May Reduce Anxiety and Irritability
    • 30 Day Supply, Easily Stored
    • No After-Taste, Fillers, or Calories
    • Easy to Use with Topical Absorption
    • Time-Released Technology

    The PatchMD B12 Energy Plus Patch is a natural method of boosting energy, focusing attention and reducing anxiety without the burden of pills or injections. 

    B12 Energy Plus Patch Supplement Facts & Ingredients

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    avatar mbourque314 on July 16, 2019

    These patches work very well for me. Oral vitamins didn't seem to work for me but my labs got better after using Patch MD vitamins patches.

    avatar Gabby B. on March 28, 2019

    As a long term post op I got tired and slacked off taking all those pills. The patch concept was perfect. I track my labs and they are working great for me. Have used them for years and will continue to do so.

    avatar Rochelle R. on Oct. 28, 2017

    Received a sample of this at the OH2017 Conference and love the ease of use. I also ordered the Multivitamin patches to give them all a try and see how effective the patch will be in my long vitamin needs. The rep was really nice More...

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