Women's Ultra Mega® Active - Vanilla Cream

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Women's Ultra Mega® Active - Vanilla Cream by GNC - Liquid Vitamin

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    PREMIUM FORMULA DESIGNED FOR WOMEN WHO EXERCISE REGULARLY Supports energy & metabolism with advanced multivitamin formula featuring B-vitamins, L-carnitine & CLA Fuels lean muscle with 10 grams of high quality protein to support recovery, repair & maintenance of body tissues such as skin, bones & muscles Fuels performance with specialized blend of ingredients including electrolytes, green tea, ginkgo biloba & amino acids Enriched with 8 grams of dietary fiber to promote digestion & colon health WOMEN'S ULTRA MEGA® ACTIVEAdequate nutrition is essential for both optimal health and athletic performance. Women's Ultra Mega® Active features the same great benefits as our Women's Ultra Mega® Active multivitamin such as bone health support, immune defense and antioxidant protection. It also has added nutrients like fiber, protein and CLA that won't fit into a pill.Energy and Metabolism Provides green tea and B-vitamins that are essential for carbohydrate metabolism and energy production. Features L-carnitine to facilitate the metabolism of long chain fatty acids. L-carnitine transforms fatty acids into energy for muscles. Electrolyte Replacement Features key electrolytes including potassium and chloride, which help to regulate body fluids. Intense exercise can result in a loss of these valuable electrolytes and may lead to muscle cramping. Lean Muscle Fuel Features 10 g of protein which can help increase the feeling of fullness. Along with exercise, protein is a quality fuel for lean muscle. When building lean muscle, metabolism increases, helping to burn more calories around the clock. Features a performance blend with green tea, ginkgo biloba, ginseng and branched chain amino acids (BCAA). BCAA help to reduce the amount of protein breakdown during intense exercise. Digestive Health Includes 8 g of dietary fiber per serving. Fiber aids in digestive health, eliminates unwanted toxins from the body and increases your feeling of fullness. Bone, Breast and Colon Health Provides 500 mg of calcium along with magnesium and vitamin D-3 to enhance its absorption. These nutrients are essential in the development of healthy bones and teeth. Features 1,000 IU of vitamin D-3. Emerging research suggests that adequate daily vitamin D intake may play a role in supporting breast and colon health. * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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    avatar Bonnie55 on Feb. 26, 2008

    I started taking this last week. The taste isn't terrific but it isn't that bad. I take 2 tbs. every morning and I feel so much better already. For me, this is so much easier to take than a pill. The results speak More...

    avatar skunke on April 9, 2007

    I have just started on this after my doctor told me that the One-A-Day Essentials were not enough and that I am anemic. In just a few days, I can already tell a big difference in the way I feel. However, they are nasty! The More...

    avatar Alma2 on Feb. 22, 2006

    If you can get past the smell, you won't get past the taste, both horrid. When I opened the bottle, the foil cover under the cap just crumpled and fell in the liquid it was so old. Just bought it locally and would never More...

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