Nacho Cheese Tortilla Protein Chips

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Nacho Cheese Tortilla Protein Chips by Quest Nutrition - Protein Snacks

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Quest recently came out with tortilla chips; I was apprehensive because I tried their other protein chips and couldn't stand them. They were like chewing on paper, and the flavor was weak. I decided to give these a try and was shocked by how good they are. The flavor is excellent, similar to a cheese Dorito. The texture is good and they are very filling. There is also a ranch flavor, which are good but I preferred the cheese.

One bag is 140 calories, 6g of fat, 18g of protein, 5g of carbs (4g net carbs). For my household and way of eating, they are great for an occasional movie snack, my husband to pack in his work lunch, or maybe for taco salad. However, with that said...I have to proceed with caution because they are so good that I could see where they could be in the realm of a highly palatable slider food for me.

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