Premier Protein Café Latte Shake

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Premier Protein Café Latte Shake by Premier Protein® - Protein Drink

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    Premier Protein Café Latte Shake

    After bariatric surgery, it can be challenging to meet all your protein requirements. Premier Protein® is here to help lessen that struggle!

    Premier Protein Café Latte Shake

    The NEW Premier Protein® Café Latte Shake is the brand’s first shake with caffeine! Equivalent to one cup of coffee, you can now indulge in the delicious flavor of Café Latte while still getting the nutritionals and taste you’ve come to love from Premier Protein® Shakes – 30g of protein, 24 vitamins and minerals and 1g of sugar! Not only is it delicious and loved by Bariatric Surgeons and Bariatric Patients alike, it is also a fantastic convenient ready-to drink shake, that you can just grab and go. No measuring or blending required! You can also use the shakes in recipes, check out Premier Protein Recipes ideas!

    Premier Protein Café Latte Shake Nutritional Benefits

    • The NEW Cafe Latte protein shake flavor is Premier Protein’s first shake flavor with caffeine equivalent to one cup of coffee.
    • Each shake contains 30g of protein with all the essential amino acids, 160 calories, 1g sugar, low fat, 24 vitamins and minerals, 3g carbs
    • Perfect for part of a breakfast on the go, an afternoon snack, a post workout boost or an ingredient in a protein packed recipe.
    • No artificial colors, No SOY ingredients, GLUTEN FREE, Kosher.
    • Also try Premier Protein’s eight delicious smooth and creamy shake flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, Café Latte, Cookies & Cream, Strawberries & Cream, Bananas & Cream, Peaches & Cream

    Available Sizes: 4ct (11 fl oz) Shakes in-store and 12ct (11.5 fl oz) Shakes online

    Available At: Online and in-store

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    avatar ldyalura on April 14, 2021

    I love the cafe late! When I first began my weight loss journey and lifestyle change, I researched every protein shake available because I knew that I would need to drink at least one protein shake a day probably for the rest of my life More...

    avatar Luv2operate on April 14, 2021

    My favorite flavor by far as a coffee lover and all their products are bariatric patient friendly!

    avatar Sashaw on Nov. 28, 2020

    I used to be very sensitive to caffeine so I was reluctant to try this. Turns out I tolerate it very well. AND I love the taste. I still start every day with one of these shakes, and feel good knowing I started the day More...

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