Multi-Standard and Multi-Plus Bariatric Supplement Combo

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Multi-Standard and Multi-Plus Bariatric Supplement Combo by Vita4Life! - Vitamin Supplement

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    Multi-Standard and Multi-Plus Bariatric Supplement Combo We need adequate nutrients every day, because each vitamin and mineral has a specific role in our body, helps us to achieve and maintain good health. According to many Nutriologist, everyone especially who have gone undergone bariatric surgery should consume vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure nutritional wellness and should consume it to avoid any complications that result from deficiencies. Our advanced nutrients formula is specially designed for bariatric patients to give necessary micronutrients, minerals, vitamins (B-complex, Vitamin A), folic acid, Calcium etc to meet their nutrients level and you can use it to have all its benefits. The dissolution time of our capsule is less than a minute. This allows for maximum absorption in the shortest amount of time. Our capsules are never an issue with any type of bypass either evasive or non-evasive.  Besides selling individual supplement products, i.e. multi-standard formula (contains more vitamin A, more vitamin E, and a smaller concentration of iron), andmulti-plus formula (contains less vitamin A, less vitamin E, and a greater concentration of iron), we are also selling the combo pack which includes both our multi-plus and multi-standard formula.    All our bariatric nutrition products are nutritionally enough to give maximum support as we have carefully chosen each vitamin and mineral level, and are free of common allergens, sugars, binders and fillers, and artificial colors and flavors. Compounds associated with these products are proven to aid each vitamin / mineral for maximum absorption.  All our supplements meet or exceed all CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. Multi-Plus/Multi-Standard Combination Some of our clients prefer to order a combination of both our Multi-Plus and Multi-Standard formula. For this reason, we offer the multi container discount to Multi-Plus and Multi-Standard combination orders. Vita4Life! Multi-Plus Formula Our Multi-Plus formula provides essential micro-nutrients in both fat and water-soluble vitamins and amino acid chelated minerals. We included a high concentration of B-complex vitamins and folic acid to aid in woman’s health. We use calcium citrate form to ensure maximum absorption. Vita4Life! Multi-Standard Formula Our Multi-Standard formula provides essential micronutrients in both fat and water-soluble vitamins and amino acid chelated minerals. We included a high concentration of B-complex vitamins and folic acid to aid in woman’s health. We use calcium citrate form to ensure maximum absorption. Our capsule: Our capsules are carefully selected for their fast dissolution time.
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    avatar sharon1234 on July 11, 2008

    I've used these vitamins for a while now and my labs have been wonderful. I have no deficiencies, and my iron levels have actually gone up since pre-surgery days. I can't say enough about the quality of these vitamins.

    avatar Hannah S. on Nov. 11, 2004

    I spoke to a gal named Caldwell over 2 years ago when I called the company for information. She swore by these products, and insisted that her labs were perfect because of them. In fact, she even says it in her biography on their website More...

    avatar Kathy K. on July 27, 2003

    They go down easy and don't repeat on me at all. My Dr. recommends taking 2 in the am and 2 in the late afternoon...far less than what the manufacturer recommends...I follow my Dr.'s advice and my blood work came back More...

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