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VistaVitamins by Vista Medical Technologies - Vitamin Supplement

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    VistaVitamins – specifically formulated for gastric bypass patients VistaVitamins were developed specifically to support all stages of the gastric bypass experience with a simple, convenient and complete nutritional supplement program. VistaVitamins takes the worry out of selecting the right nutritional system. Pre and Post Operative Formula Chewable Wellness Formula Chewable Wellness Formula – adult chewable, citrus punch flavored wafers containing all the essential nutrients, including fat and water-soluble vitamins and amino acid chelated minerals providing baseline support leading into surgery and during your first 1 – 3 months following surgery. Post Operative Maintenance Wellness Plus Capsules Wellness Plus Capsules – ‘easy to swallow’ capsules with all the essential nutrients, including fat and water-soluble vitamins, PLUS increased concentrations of B-vitamins, higher levels of amino acid chelated minerals, and probiotic and prebiotic nutrients to further aid digestion and help support immune function. Gastric bypass patients have unique nutritional needs due to changes to their gastrointestinal tracts. VistaVitamins were designed by a group of weight loss surgery experts to meet those needs. VistaVitamins provide: A special blend of nutrients that provide comprehensive nutritional support. Carefully optimized ingredient amounts to ensure the body’s vitamin and mineral needs are balanced. Patented mineral amino acid chelates that provide maximum absorption so the body can utilize the full value of the supplements. VistaVitamins capsules are fortified with higher levels of B-vitamins, probiotic nutrients that aid food digestion, and an array of antioxidants to support general health and immune system function. We recommend our Chewable Wellness formula for one month prior to and up to three months following surgery. After that, we recommend a maintenance program with VistaVitamins’ Wellness Plus capsules, which provide even higher levels of support in convenient daily dose packs.
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    avatar jvkulhnk on April 6, 2011

    I started these immediately post-op and have been taking them for almost 10 years. Something changed with their service and have only been able to get 2 months supply if over a year. Had to choose a different source. I would not recommend them to More...

    avatar jennifer_2005 on Feb. 18, 2007

    These are the vitamins I take. They cost a bit more, but I notice a big difference taking them. I am sold on Vista Vitamins for that reason.

    avatar Deborah S. on Nov. 7, 2006

    My vitamins from day 1 post op. I started with chewables until month 3. Month 3 I moved to the capsules and it was much easier. I have always had GREAT labs and have never been told I was lacking in anything. I did however More...

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