Vitamin D3/Calcium Topical Patch (30-Day Supply)

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Vitamin D3/Calcium Topical Patch (30-Day Supply) by PatchMD - Vitamin Supplement

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    Vitamin D3/Calcium Patch (30-Day Supply)

    • May Promote a Healthy Immune System
    • May Reduce Risk of Bone Loss & Osteoporosis
    • May Aid in Calcium Absorption
    • May Reduce Risk of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)
    • Vitamin D3 Without the Danger of Ultraviolet Rays
    • Safe, Easy and Convenient to Use

    Our bodies manufacture Vitamin D when the skin is exposed to UV radiation from sunlight, but the ability to do so decreases as we age. Vitamin D3 maintains healthy calcium and phosphorus levels in the body for strong bones; it increases muscle strength in older adults; and it also plays an active role in a healthy immune response. PatchMD Vitamin D3/Calcium Patches are an excellent alternative for bariatric patients. 

    Vitamin D3/Calcium Patch Directions

    Apply patch daily to an area with little or no hair, i.e., shoulder, back or hip. For best results, it is recommended to wear PatchMD patches for 8 hours. There is no additional benefit wearing the patch longer than 8 hours. Patches can be worn during sleep. Avoid using any lotion or cream in the same area as it will inhibit absorption. Patch is not waterproof. It is ok to wear multiple patches at a time.


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    avatar mbourque314 on July 16, 2019

    These patches work very well for me. Oral vitamins didn't seem to work for me but my labs got better after using Patch MD vitamins patches.

    avatar Gabby B. on March 28, 2019

    I have been using the patches for over 5 years now and my labs have been great. LOVE THEM as they work for me and I slap them on in the am and take them off in the PM and never give it a thought More...

    avatar Bridgette P. on Oct. 30, 2018

    I have low Vitamin D and when I found these patches I was a little apprehensive to try. However, since using them consistently for 6 mos my Vitamin D has improved. I will continue to use the patches!

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