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    BiPro offers pure and clean protein to help with your health journey! Top dietitians and nutritionists recommend BiPro because of its high quality. One serving of BiPro protein powder or BiPro Protein Water packs 20 grams of protein in only 80-100 calories. BiPro is even all-natural, so you know you’re providing your body with healthy, real ingredients.

    BiPro and Weight-Loss Surgery Success
    BiPro is there for weight-loss surgery patients every step of the way. Two weeks before surgery, bariatric patients are required to go on all-liquid diets. It’s important for patients to drink protein shakes at this time to ensure that they’re consuming the protein they need but have trouble finding with their restricted diet.

    Whey protein is a lifesaver after the operation too, when patients can only eat a few bites of food without feeling profoundly full. Mixing some BiPro into foods allows post-ops to get needed protein in just a few calories!

    BiPro and Better Weight Management
    BiPro is a must-have tool for people managing their weight! Research shows that protein can suppress the appetite and, in turn, aid with weight management. Here’s how it works: Compared to some other macronutrients like carbohydrates, protein is digested fairly slowly. That slower digestion process helps give a fuller feeling than other foods.

    We want to be a resource and help you crush your health goals! To learn more about BiPro’s health benefits, visit or call us at (877) 692-4776.

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    Received a full size sample of this product at the OH2017 conference. I loved the Peach flavor especially when ice cold. Very refreshing and nutritious protein drink and great for post workout.

    This stuff is amazing. I can't stand any other flavorless products but this one is great.

    I tried a lot of different protein powders and this one is the best! It's pure whey protein isolate and very concentrated - over 40 servings in a jar. I like that it's unflavored and that you can easily mix it into so many More...