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    Staying Physically Active Good exercise habits are just as important as good nutrition, and together they can provide important health benefits that allow you to enjoy each and every moment.  From maintaining muscle to providing a stress-reduction outlet, exercise is a key component to overall mental and physical health. Drinking a BOOST® Nutritional Drink before your physical activity or enjoying one after your workout can help replenish the nutrients your body has used.  And remember to get a complete checkup and guidelines from your doctor before beginning any physical activity or exercise program so you get started the right way.
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    I use the Vanilla or the strawberry in my breakfast and lunch smoothies, it adds creamyness. I find them a little too sweet to drink by itself. Although, the sweetness is welcome on THOSE days. >.<

    Taste is very chocolaty and delicous. Walmart does not stock nearly enough. Often is sold out and have to buy at local Grocery at a higher cost.

    Wow, this drink put a smile on my face.