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Where is Kristen?

NYCBABE on Sep 09, 2014 · Sex Before And After WLS Forum

Its been way to long and I miss her hellacious bs!


laurexler on May 02, 2008 · Pregnancy after Weight Loss Surgery

Kristen, you were due yesterday, just wanted you to know we are thinking of you!  I took you off the Baking Mommas list for this week since your day has past, but you are not forgotten!!! Laurie


KBS-TIA on Sep 10, 2008 · Maryland Weight Loss Forum



daniel patrick on May 21, 2008 · Sex Before And After WLS Forum

Just got off the phone with Kristen and she let me know that she is on her way to the hospital to have a hernia operation!!!  I told her that it was just her way of getting naked with her doctor....he is a hottie!!!!! At least she smiled...and laughed!!!!  She said she needed that...because she was upset.  Again, I told her that it was just the fact that she wanted!!!  I will post as ...

** Kristen ***

Mari54 on Nov 09, 2008 · Maryland Weight Loss Forum

Did you ever find out how Donna is?  I wanted to know how it went for her since she and I have the same surgeon.  I hope she is okay and not having any problems.   I'd really like to know.


Mizz Marta on Aug 23, 2004 · California Weight Loss Forums

When are you going to post the pics from our Friday night out??? Tell John to get cracking on those. Or at least email them to me!!! Love ya!! Marta


wolfcallsldy1969 on May 28, 2009 · Sex Before And After WLS Forum

Dedicate this one to the fucktard!!!! Ugly Kid Joe - Everything About You This one too.... The Ass Hole Song


SWEET Tink on Apr 27, 2009 · Sex Before And After WLS Forum

If I could ask one thing from all of you today , and that is to send positive vibes and prayers for Kristen. She has had some really bad pain and some minor complications . She means the world to me and I hate to see her hurt like this . My heart truly goes out to her. So please do your best to send her some love . You all are the best when it comes to things like this , and I know ...


heather1970 on Jul 15, 2008 · Maryland Weight Loss Forum

Kristen has a damn bug in her damn work computer and cannot get on OH right now. Poor thing is going through withdrawals!!!!  Soooooooooooooooo sooner or later we will hear back from her!


Baby Blues on Mar 25, 2008 · Sex Before And After WLS Forum

Dang it Girl.... Sure....I go over rub Vicks on your chest..... and you know what that leads too and now I'M sick too..... My chest is congested and I have a slight cough.  I need a nurse..... xoxo Tammy