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alcohol post gastric sleeve surgery

on 4/4/09 11:11 pm
Does anyone have any feedback on drinking alcohol post surgery? Some things I've read say just to be careful because you feel the effects faster, others say do not drink at all. Any feedback is
on 4/6/09 8:31 am - Newark, NJ
RNY on 03/09/09 with

Hi there! I heard eventually you can have drinks, but no carbonation. I went down to Atlantic City last weekend and tried a Bloody Mary, but I found it to be disgusting. Only like two sips. Those sips made me get flushed, and a lil sweaty. Then I ordered my favorite (which isn't the best idea) a White Russian. I took very very tiny sips. I felt buzzed off of one.(Pre-op I could have at least 6 before I got buzzed).  Not beligerant, but buzzed. Did get flushed in the cheeks, and sweaty.  I didn't get sick on it, but that one drink lasted me like hours. I then tried a glass of wine, but to me it felt like it was burning my stomach going down so I passed on the rest.  I also had intermitten sips of water throughout the time.

I think if you have a drink just no carbonation, and try to stay away from a lot of juice and cream. Or have on with that, but just one.

Sorry this is a bit long winded, but I wanted to explain the experience:)

sarah-jane hogg
on 2/10/10 1:18 am - edinburgh, XX
Hey, i know u posted this ages ago but ive just recently had my op and am very curious about what is safe etc. I was wondering how long after your op you first had a drink? and what op did you have? Thanks,   saj xxx
Sara B
on 7/22/09 6:54 am - Foothill ranch, CA
it is true, due to a faster asorbption rate we get drunkfaster and yet we also recover faster. The more sugar there is in a drink the faster you will get the dumping syndrome feeling. You get hot and flushed and feel like crap. I have had alcohol on many occassions and get drunk or plastered everytime. The problem is that you are also drinking your calories when we should be enjoying them with food
Amy L.
on 7/26/09 3:28 am - Orange County, CA
I work for an alcohol distributor and was very nervous about this subject. When I first tried a glass of wine it felt oily and just didn't set right. Now that I am post op 5+years my trick is to drink something with ice in it and mixed with some type of juice. Not only is it less alcohol but it is diluted you just have to watch your sugar but it is of course made with fruit, grapes, potatoes, or wheat and all of these turn into natural sugars. I also drink one sip of water, one sip of alcohol. Most people don't notice anyway....

I can enjoy a glass of wine but I will sip on it all night maybe 2 glasses at the most. If I am going to drink wine I  prefer red wine. You can drink that all night without ice melting or worrying if it gets cold since it should be a room temperature anyway.

I never go towards beer it just fills me up and not worth it to me. Unfortunately I rep some really fancy champagnes that taste soooo good, you just have to watch the carbonation . I know we are not supposed to have carbonation but it is one of the lines I have crossed. So maybe let it stay open for a while and the bubbles won't be so harsh (of course which is no fun...). My limit is 2 glasses then my speech starts slurring (embarrasing)

Just remember Wine, or Champagne is straight alcohol even if it is less ABV than spirits but most spirits you mix so it reduces & dilutes the amount.
on 8/19/09 10:43 pm - Reading, PA
Is anyone having a problem with wanting too much alcohol post op?

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on 3/28/11 3:03 am - Little Rock, AR
VSG on 08/10/10 with

Hi...I had the gastic sleeve...and I am currently in an alcohol treatment program...for the last 4 months I realized that I have a problem with Vodka...and it only started post op.  With Vodka, I can drink as much as I want and never have that full feeling...which was part of my mourning for food...since I COULDN'T eat as much as I wanted...I'd just drin****il I got sloppy...cause there was never a limit.  I'm six months out and have hit a huge stall due to my alcohol my words of advice are...yes you can drink...but if you find yourself drinking WAY more than you did may want to stop and evaluate WHY you are doing that....

on 12/11/09 4:01 am - Riverside, CA
I asked my surgeon about this and he said that alcohol was eventually ok.  However, I had the Gastric Sleeve and not the RNY, which I know with the RNY it is recommended to not drink at all.

For me, I've only ventured to have wine and I cannot handle sweet wines.  I can only deal with a nice cabernet.  The cheap stuff tastes disgusting to me, as my taste buds have gotten extremely picky since surgery.

I did try some champagne and a pinot noir on Thanksgiving and both made me feel gross after just 1 sip.  The cabernet definitely went down nicely and gave me a very happy buzz after about a glass and a half.  I say just be very careful about how much you consume.