Registration is Open! OH2018 Early Bird Tickets On Sale, Save $25

Registration is Open! Save with OH2018 Early Bird Tickets! We're excited to announce that registration is now open for the 2018 ObesityHelp National Conference. This is a very special year for ObesityHelp. 2018 marks our 20th year in the bariatric community! Founded in 1998, ObesityHelp’s mission i...

Your Metabolism & How It Works With WLS Pre-Op & Long-Term

The Obesity, Metabolism and Weight Loss Surgery Connection Obesity is a chronic relapsing condition...

Before & After RNY with Jen T., losing 140 pounds!

Why I Decided To Have WLS My story begins when I was in grade school. I learned from a very early a...
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  • Calories/protein post RNY but no shakes?


    went to see dietician 7 weeks post surgery(Dec 27) and she suggested stopping protein shakes and maintain calories around 800 per day. How do you all do it? I am always feeling full and reac...

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  • Off track. Need help


    I need help... I had surgery in 2009...I was doing great until about 3 years ago.  I became very depressed and start gaining weight..from my lowest weight I have gained 50lbs... this scares ...

  • Let's get back to ME!


    Even the sound of this blog title makes my body cringe inside! The concept of putting my needs first has always been difficult for me. But I know it is essential! I have jumped back into the...

  • Been awhile


    Most of 2017, I jumped thru hoops to get approved for weight loss surgery in the USA by Dr. Nowzaradan, which including various medical tests, and driving hours each way. In the end it was d...

  • Stent inseration


    Hello everybody, Today is the day im out of the hospital after my stent inseration. I am currently 3 weeks post operation and I wanted to ask everyone about they're experience with the stent...

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  • Hard Work Pays Off


    Hello I went to see my surgeon today and they took pictures of me before my revision in May. And they wanted to take some today. Well to say my surgeon is pleased with my weight loss so far ...

  • Be inspired


    started out 616. Now I’m 170 life is amazing now.  No looking back  mygoal is to help and encourage others...

  • Trying to get back to positive.


    I have went through a myraid of emotions since my surgery was cancelled on Tuesday due to thhe discovery of a Hiatal Hernia.  I was so ready emotionally and physically that the let down of t...

  • got my surgery date!


    I got my surgery date finally!! I am going in for RNY on 2/12/18.I am excited, nervous, scared, happy...all the emotions. I have been waiting for so long to get to this point and knowing tha...

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  • What's working for me...this week:-)

    Mary K.

    Well, I'm in my third week of re-dedication to lifestyle change. Hubby is still on-board, and here are our current strategies that are working: Weigh-in once a week together to provide acco...

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