Before & After RNY with sjoliver23, losing 115 pounds!

Why I Decided to Have WLS I was always the kid that was told you’d be "cute" if you’d just lose a few pounds. Growing up, being overweight, and losing weight was about looks, how I looked. I lost weight my senior year of high school, but three years later, I became pregnant. I gained the weight ...

Details for Lower Body Lifts After Massive Weight Loss

Body lifts have increased 5000% over the past 15 years. This has paralleled the rise in bariatric pr...

Get to Know Lower Body Lifts After Massive Weight Loss

Lower Body Lifts are one of the most common procedures that I do for my patients that have been succ...
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  • 2 weeks out


    I'm about to be 2 weeks out from VSG. So I will get to eat pureed foods. Any suggestions on what to eat? I will be so glad to get off of liquids! One step closer to my goal!...

  • Just so you know...


    My screenname is MisterC62 but all my new pals can call me Clarence.  “62” indicates the year I was born, 1962, making me 55 (til Oct. 17, when I turn 56). I want to let you all know that, w...

  • In the process of choosing rny or vsg


    Hello my name is J  I am 5 foot 5 and weigh 260lbs.Currently right now I'm in the process of choosing which bariatric surgery that I would like to have. Originally I was deciding to have the...

  • Here we go again...


    At last glance, my band had slipped and it was removed. Sad day. I loved my band but it didn't love me...anymore. So...out it came like a bad tooth.  For the last 5.5 years, my weight crept ...

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  • JIB - Jejunoileal bypass


    Anyone out there who still have the JIB in tact- I do.  Had it done in 1973.  Some medial issues but for the most part I am healthy.  Had had several Dr's tell me I need to have it reversed-...

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  • I’m over 15 years out from my RNY Surgery


    am brand new to the group here (just joined today) but my Roux-en-Y surgery was over a decade and a half ago (16th anniversary will be August 2, 2018). Pre-op, the most I weighed was 365 pou...

  • I hate it when this happens


    I've been so good this week.  I have watched everything I've put into my mouth, and I haven't let a single process carb or gram of sugar pass my lips.  I've been to the gym a few times this ...

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  • I fit!!!


    While visiting family we decided to go to the movies. Afterwards I convinced hubby to go to the beach and take a moonlit stroll. Before we did that I got a whimsy that I wantted to try somet...

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  • Process


    I found out the information I needed. Im still putting it in motion with trying to loose some weight on my own. And talking with my doctor. Thank you Kathy for your help....

  • Final decisions made.


    Well 6/25/18 I have rny. After insurance fight the doctor won!...