Focus on Bariatric-Friendly Food Options, No Matter Where You Eat

As a weight loss surgery nutritionist, a frequently asked question that I am regularly asked is: "Will I be able to eat all kind of foods after surgery?" From my experience working with bariatric surgery patients, I want to encourage patients' mindset to focus on healthy choices that are bariatric-f...

Does Bariatric Surgery Change Taste Buds Post-Operatively?

It’s so rewarding to be a part of an individual’s journey through weight loss surgery and to be able...

Anxiety, Overeating and Weight Loss: How to Manage

Anxiety is extremely common among patients who are considering bariatric surgery. In a recent study,...
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  • Approved!


    Seen the dietician just over a week ago. She approved me for surgery!! I am so excited. I lost 10lbs and have made very significant changes to my diet and I am exercising regulary...aquafit ...

  • Blargh.


    So. In early July I got all Motivated™ and was doing really well with my exercise and eating for, like, two weeks. Then something snapped and I went off the rails. This snapping sensation an...

  • 6 days post op


    I'm alive. That's about all I have to say at the moment lol...

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  • I Did It!


    Finally... after weeks of no movement on the scale, I am under 200 pounds!!! This past weekend I bought new jeans and a couple pair of shoes. I found boots that actually fit and the other st...

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  • Received My Surgery Date...


    Hi Everyone, I just received my surgery date for September 17th at HRH.  I'm not sure if I'm excited or nervous but I know my heart is beating like crazy.  Three weeks of OptiFast will start...

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  • Surgery is scheduled


    September 18/18 at 8 am!...

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  • Back from Vegas & Dr. Sauceda


    I came back from Vegas at 198.  I am one of those people who usually lose weight on vacation.  I love walking and exploring, and am much more physically active throughout the day on vacation...

  • Sleepless in Pennsylvania


    nine days to go.  I'm happy, content with my liver - shrinking diet, and wide awake at 1:30 am...again.  This is the 3rd time this week. I initially blamed it on caffine in my protein drink ...

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  • My Story


    I am 63 years old. I began to gain weight about age ten when my permanent teeth came in extremely crooked. I was teased and bullied so i stayed home. My mom was very self absorbed and showed...

  • Considering revisal RNY


    I underwent my inital RNY at the age of 20. Throughout my twenties I maintained quite well. At 29 I got married... since that time I have been gaining back my weight. Last year I took a new ...