Before & After VSG with Amanda B., losing 187 pounds!

Why I Decided to Have WLS I decided one day, I could not live the habits and life that I was living as it was slowly killing me inside. I woke up one day and decided I did not want to feel fat anymore nor did I want to continue to have to make sure I was taking these pills every day to make sure my...

Need a Plastic Surgery Revision?

Taking the step toward plastic surgery after massive weight loss is a normal part of the weight loss...

Portobello Greek Pizza Recipe, Healthy Carbs & Fiber

This Portobello Greek Pizza recipe is one you can make for yourself or others too. Use it for a Meat...
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  • 7 Days until VSG.....


    Tick, tock, tick, tock. I am still doing the liquid diet but I am here to tell you there is no easy way to get through this part but prayer, sleep and restraint. I have only had one melt dow...

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  • Revision Surgery Almost Week 1


    Tommorrow makes a week since surgery and im down 8lbs i was 249lbs day before surgery and im 241lbs as of this morning. No bad side effects thus far and my 1st follow up appointment with my ...

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  • First time appointment (not what I expected)


    So I have finally have a 1st time appointment but my insurance is telling me that I have to participate in a weightloss program for at least a year before I can get the surgery and I also ha...

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  • Newbie


    I have just got my surgery date for my vertical sleeve operation. I am new to this. It has helped reading the forum. I am getting a better idea of what to expect. Still nervous though....

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  • I hate frustrating!!


    In my last bog post (8/28/18) I shared that I had met all my pre-op insurance requirements and my proedure was going to be submitted to my insurance for approval. I had thought by now (9/18)...

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  • Just Beginning!


    I joined this web group for information, support, and sharing.  I am having my surgery in October (sleeve) and would like to make some friends that I can share with as I go through this majo...

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  • 15 + 7 Years.. always working hard to keep weight off


    time and flown by since my gastric bypass.  Still I believe it’s the best decision I have ever made.   I struggle with weight gain and am constantly working out and dieting to not gain.   My...

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  • 9 Days to Surgery


    It is getting closer and closer. I am anxiety but looking forward to it. Right now my challenge is getting through the liquid diet. We have been told that after 3 days I should be okay and t...

  • Revision Surgery


    Hey everyone i haven't been on here is a few years well let me start by saying i i ended up after 9 years gaining the weight back here's what happened so i ended up getting a city job with t...

  • Pre Op Visit


    Well, today I had my pre-op visit with my surgeon and did the pre-op orientation. It is really sinking in now. Tomorrow is my first full day of all liquid. I have my support team in place an...

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