The Responsibility for a Failed Weight Loss Surgery Procedure, Part Two

Previously in my “The Responsibility for a Failed Weight Loss Surgery Procedure, Part One” article, we had an overview of the possible reasons of dissatisfaction with weight loss surgical outcomes. These were divided into the possible patient and surgical causes. We didn't get into the details of so...

The Responsibility for a Failed Weight Loss Surgery Procedure, Part One

Obesity is a leading cause of morbidity, illness, and death in the United States. Obesity in adolesc...

Before & After VSG of Dr. Youssef, losing 111 pounds!

Why I Decided To Have WLS Hi, everyone I am 64 years old and an obesity surgeon. In addition, I'm a...
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    So... my surgery was Friday, July 20th. Doc says it went well, but during surgery they noticed an hiatal hernia which they went ahead and fixed. I had no clue what a hiatal hernia is, so I l...

  • Hair shedding HELP


    HAPPY Sunday everyone.   ok so i’m officially 3 months post op from my sleeve surgery......and between last month and this month i’ve noticed my hair is started to shed a lot more than usual...

  • Week 3 and very little energy


    I’m on week 3 and have very little energy!! Everyone says I look tired and I really don’t have the same strength or energy! Some times I get some energy at the end of the day I also feel mor...

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    Shortly I am about to go on a week long kayak trip. Similar to the overnight trip we took last week. except this time I am kayaking down the Delaware river gap. threw and between New Jersy, ...

  • Surgery schedule Oct 22 2018 and I'm nervous but excited


    Surgery now set for Oct 22, 2018 - super excited, but nervous too. Any advice on what to do leading up to the surgery or suggested items to get for hospital/post-op? I've already done many c...

  • My life since surgery....


    Life since surgery... where do I start? My gastric bypass surgery was 03/05/2018. I'm happy to say that I have not been sick one time since surgery. I went into surgery knowing that this was...

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    Hi guys, Yes, I said marriage. I got married to my beautiful beau on April 16th of this year. We also moved to the outskirts of California, on a 2.5 acre ranch for our online business and it...

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  • Newbie ... approval process for bcbs il hmo


    Good morning Everyone, 1st visit with pcp about referral for getting vsg surgery... Got the referral bmi was 54.6, I had lost 12 pounds since my last visit in may. I have bcbs of IL. hmo, wh...

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  • Starting my VSG Journey


    Good Morning Everyone,  Started the process on 5/18 I have bcbs of IL. hmo, my previous pcp was nonchalant when I spoke with her about the sleeve, she never followed up with me, so I switch ...

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  • 1 month out!!!!


    Yesterday was my one month follow-up appointment. I”ve lost 31 lbs since surgery. This is quite insane. Certainly clothes are literally starting to fall off of me. My mom is almost insistent...