Beef Fajitas in Slow Cooker Recipe, Gluten-Free & Bariatric-Friendly

Enjoy your summer get-togethers without spending lots of time in the kitchen. Break out your slow cooker and make Beef Fajitas. This Beef Fajitas in Slow Cooker Recipe is gluten-free and bariatric-friendly. Fajitas have never been simpler. A quick fajita rub, combined with salsa, peppers, and onions...

Before & After RNY with Mary J., losing 140 pounds!

Why I decided to have WLS On January 17, 2005, I embarked upon a life-changing journey. As I reflec...

Are You Still Dieting After WLS? Nix Dieting By Eating Healthy!

When meeting patients for their initial consultation for bariatric surgery one of the first things I...
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  • So far...


    Surgery came and went. Ring out. Pain still very much there from surgery and food tolerance very low.  Returned to surgeons office. Experiencing the oddest sensation. It feels like the ring ...

  • 1st appointment - Surgeon: Dr.Starr


    I had my first meeting with the surgeon, Dr. Starr.  The appointment was short and to the point, just the way I like them.  The interesting part was that you are never weighed.  When confirm...

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  • Surgery Date!


    I met with the doctor/surgeon on Friday May 18th and now have a Surgery Date.  JULY 23rd!  My preop appointement is on my 36th birthday July 3rd.  I'm super excited.   Because of having two ...

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  • Ok im freaking out now


    can someone give me some info. My stool is orange. Im reafing about livet damage or bile duct blockage. Im hoping its none of that. Anyone else have this happen. Little scared here. Im 6 wee...

  • Progress....Finally!

    T. Young

    Ok.....Back in October of 2017 I was feeling quite discouraged and was really in a funk after finding out that the insurance that I paid so much money for through my job did not offer covera...

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  • Numbers numbers numbers


    I'm obsessed with the scale, obsessed with calorie counts, obsessed with anything with weight loss, and not in a healthy way. I've been sick recently, my bc started acting up because of the ...

  • 14 Years Since Gastric Bypass!


    April 16, 2004 was a new beginning. I'm now 14 years post surgery and still down 100+ lbs and diabetes free. My husband and I celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary this year. We now have a...

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  • Phone Call


    I am waiting for my phone call to let me know what time my surgery I'd tomorrow. What time do they usually call?    Nervous much???...

  • I HAVE A DATE ;)


    My revision will be done on Wednesday, July 11th by Dr. Eric Demaria!!!!...

  • Pre-Surgery Update- Part 2


    It's been a few weeks since my last blog post and a lot has happened. here is Part 2 May 17th- I had my uper ednoscpopy (EGD)scheduled with my surgeron. Because of family history and my age,...

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