Food Funeral Before WLS? Changing Your Outlook On Food!

There are so many things to say about having a food funeral before WLS. I hope with this article, we can move away from that term and ideology, and look at food differently. A Food Funeral is a Negative Outlook The term “food funeral” puts a negative outlook on the future you have with your weight...

6 Steps to Keep Pouch Satiety After Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss surgery (also known as bariatric surgery) is an excellent tool. The surgery can help red...

Before & After VSG with Melissa, losing 112 lbs!

Why I Decided To Have WLS One year... who would have thought my life could have changed so much in ...
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  • 3 week stall...WHY ME?!?!?

    Cyndy C.

    I have been stuck at the same weight for a week already. The scale dont move, and i feel so out of it...i have counted calories, im under 700...i have log my food intake, and nothin. I know ...

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  • New Beginnings


    Hello, I am both excited and scared for this new chapter in my life. I had the lap-band but it was removed due to diffaculties about 4 years ago. I gained almost all my weight back. I starte...

  • Stir Fried Cauliflower Rice (soft food stage post surgery)


    Rice-less fried rice. Skillet preheat with 2 TBS canola or olive oil Once heated add...2 cups frozen mixed veggies (peas/carrots/green beans/ corn). Sauté until thawed,2 cups grated cauliflo...

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  • 3/26/2018 had RNY Sx.


    Had Sx.  All went quite well. Minimal pain afterwards. The hardest part was the three days prior to surgery liquid diet and the three weeks after surgery liquid diet. Was so excited for week...

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  • I got my date!!


    So you guys I finally got my surgery date and I am beyond excited I will be having my RNY done on Tues. April 17! I left my surgeons office today so giddy I could barely stand it. I waited t...

  • Beyond Bariatrics - Mental Health and Well being


    Well, it has been quite a journey. Lapband in 2008, hated it and wanted it out within 6 months. I never knew what would get stuck or when. I threw up on a regular basis and when food when ac...

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  • Body Prisoner


    My name is Tamisha, and I am a prisoner in my body. I stand approximately 5'2 and I am very close to 400lbs. I have been gaining and losing the same 20 lbs for the last 10 years. I don't kno...

  • Yay...a good day!


    Today is going to be a GOOD day and the beginning of a BETTER journey going forward.  I came across this verse yesterday in one of my devotionals and it really made me think…... A wise woman...

  • My last 2 days ... the downs then ups...!


      I’ve been writing my thoughts and feelings on paper them blogging them in here cause I’ve been really busy with work so I’m typing in what I have written down. Didn’t want to confuse anyon...

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  • It never ends


    This is a lifestyle change and I'm struggling!  From my high of 374 lbs pre op 12/6/01, I am currently at 178 lbs (3/20/18).   It doesn't sound all that bad, but I have somehow gained 70 lbs...