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  • 2 Months PO-Testing


    Today, marks the end of my two months and it's amazing, what I'm learning about myself through this journey. I had set a 15lbs goal for myself, thus bringing me to 228.1lbs. However, my weig...

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  • Wednesday


    It's very late... I guess you are all very busy. I am on the way to the dentist...I am getting an impression done for my second implant. Both are almost glad. It is a long process....

  • I feel awesome


    Hi family justca quick update am 3 weeks out I have lost 20lbs I no longer use insulin injection my high blood pressure was cut in half i havent really had any problem already started walkin...

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  • And it continues...

    Lynda D.

    Haven't been here in forever! Quick update. I am still fat. The end.    Yes, I am still fat. No, I will likely not ever be able to have the surgery I want (need). My husband lost his job two...

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  • Almost 8 months post op


    I am right on track to achieve my goal. I have about 20ore pounds to go.  My question is once I have reached goal how do I just stop losing weight?  I don't want to become too thin or unheal...

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  • Less than three weeks


    My surgery date for the DS is February 29th. I started a three week pre-op diet yesterday and I will be honest. It sucks. And three weeks is a long time but I decided to just take it one day...

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  • Momentum


    Something clicked today. Finally. I have been in a feedback loop for a couple months. Funny how that word sounds like a swear word here... "feedback" Nothing seemed to be able to snap me int...

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  • almost 3 wks post op


    had my revision to rny on 1-20 and i feel really well. some pain still and constipation can't sleep on anything but back, but i am down 12 lbs since surgery (plus the 26 lbs i gained from su...

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  • Almost Overweight...Again


    This is not a happy post.  This is not an inspirational post.  It is blunt and harsh and real.  A legitimate meldown. My weight has been steadily creeping up.  No surprise.  It's been going ...

  • Start of the Journey


    Hi all. I got the go head from the doctor to proceed with the gastric sleeve surgery. Mixed emotions, but mostly of happiness and relief....

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