Dealing With Unwanted Sexual Attention After WLS

Following bariatric surgery, there have been numerous reports that show significant weight loss leads to better sex and increased sexual satisfaction overall. However, for many who may have gained weight on an unconscious level due to having experienced sexual abuse, rape or other sexual trauma, the...

Before & After DS with Eileen (Chef), losing 137 pounds!

Why I Decided to Have WLS I am 40 years old and I’ve worked 15 years in the food industry in Manhat...

Calorie Counting: 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Tracking After WLS

Weight loss surgery depends mostly on restriction. Many patients rely on restriction without having ...
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  • WTW? I wasn't prepared for this.


    I am at a loss.  I had my revision almost 6 weeks ago and I have been eating regular foods for a little under three weeks. I literally have to stop myself from eating after a few bites. It's...

  • Last month of Medical Weight Loss... Yeah!


    I had a good loss this past Feb 13th nutrition appointment, lost -4.5 pounds. They also informed me March 13th is my last appointment for medical weight loss and then they can submit to insu...

  • Surgery moved...UP....

    Cyndy C.

    Well, i was initialy scheduled for surgery for February 27,2018....but i got a call today before almost cheating on my liquid diet....(mentally) ....and they moved the date to February 26, 2...

  • Yup 2 posts in one Day


    I just had to share this... I have cleared the final stage which is normal foods. I can now try anything I want a little at a time. I have been hesitant on it though cause I don't want to sl...

  • Full Foods Stage


    I made it to the full foods stage. I was getting so sick of the same foods over and over again. But now I feel like im still having the same foods so that I can keep my carbs in check rofl. ...

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  • My first post.


    Not sure where to start. I have always been over weigth. My highest was 425 plus, plus because that's as high as the scales went. I was over. That was a little over a year ago. Today I'm 347...

  • Down 80lbs. (Post op 4 months)


    I thought I would feel different having lost 80lbs. I mean FFS that is a backstreet boy! But to be honest, I really don't feel like I've lost a ton of weight. The journey up and to now has b...

  • confused


    I am so confused about what to eat...I'm not a cook..I know I need high protein, low carbs, no sugar, low fat. ect. I have been reading different web sites and all of them are different.  Li...

  • RNY has ruined my life

    Marci M.

    i have Malabsorption and almost died. I gained back almost all of the weight but only eat about 800 calories a day. It turns out I am only absorbing carbs and sugar. My body can no longer co...

  • Been a while

    Jennifer L.

    So I'm still working on getting the baby weight off I'm down to 230 I have been slacking on my diet but I have slot going on so once things calm down I'm cracking down...I will get to my goa...