OH2016 Conference Highlights

OH2016 Conference Highlights (With Videos!)

The 2016 ObesityHelp National Conference was a huge success with over 500 attendees! Every minute was jam-packed with education, support, friendship, and celebration. Some conference highlights: Speakers & Sessions: There was a total of 24 Speakers and Q&A Panelists with 16 Sessions to choose from, as well as 3 Fitness Sessions! Prizes & Giveaways: During the two-day […]

tips for compulsive eating melissa bailey

7 Tips to Overcome Compulsive Eating

Weight loss surgery (WLS) is a wonderful thing.  It gives people their life back.  I often hear stories of how people were able to stop all kinds of medications after surgery.  They get their health back.  They can get on airplanes without seat extenders and can finally go to the amusement park with their kids.  […]

before after vsg with dennis bruno

Before & After RNY with Dennis, losing 147 pounds!

I have struggled with excess weight since the first grade. I come from an Italian heritage, so portion size was always supersize. I was very active in school, participating in wrestling and lacrosse, which kept me from looking my actual weight but after graduation, I started to pack the weight on. I had success with […]

revision from lap band

What to Expect from a Lap-Band Revision to VSG, RNY, or DS

Tens of thousands of people have had success losing weight and improving their health with a laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (lap-band). For those who haven’t met their weight loss goals, or who have had a band-related complication, a revision is an option: conversion to a vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG), Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB), or duodenal […]

bariatric vitamins redone

Are Bariatric Vitamins Best for WLS Patients?

Vitamin supplementation often causes a lot of confusion after surgery.  There is an entire industry of vitamin manufacturers who focus exclusively on postoperative weight loss surgery patients.  While this industry meets a very important need, it also contains players who sell poor quality vitamins at inflated prices. Most surgery practices offer vitamins for sale in […]

type 2 diabetes dr northrup

Treating Type 2 Diabetes with Weight Loss Surgery

In 2016, a number of diabetes associations began to recommend metabolic weight loss surgery as a standard treatment for patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (T2D).  Metabolic surgery, which is more commonly known as bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery, is a gastrointestinal operation designed to cause weight loss. Though this procedure was once thought […]

Exercise - Mountain Climbing

The Mental and Emotional Benefits You Get From Exercise

Most of us know the long term benefits that come with a healthy lifestyle. We have our own personal goals and activities that we love to do so an exercise program helps to improve our ability enjoy more. The biggest driving factor for me after a long work day or when the alarm goes off […]

Before After RNY Gastric Bypass

Before & After Gastric Bypass RNY with Kevin, losing 220lbs!

Celebrating Kevin’s Before & After Gastric Bypass RNY Journey! I’ve been struggling with my weight since elementary school. I was the fat kid; the fat teenager and then became the fat adult. I tried Weight Watchers, Adkins, Slim Fast and several other diets. The weight would come off only to come back again. For years, […]

combat cravings

10 Ways to Combat Cravings & Emotional Eating

Food cravings and emotional eating can be quite challenging when attempting to lose weight. Acting on food cravings and using food to cope with various emotions can lead to overeating and make weight loss or weight loss maintenance difficult. Combat Cravings &  Emotional Eating Create a healthy personal food environment. When you are emotionally distressed […]

commercial weight loss progras

Yay or Nay: Commercial Weight Loss Programs For Regain?

“Regain” is the word that all post-ops fear to experience. Unfortunately, it is a normal physiological response to extreme weight loss, as well as a side effect of slipping back into old habits. But what help is out there for those of us struggling with regain? Take a look at the resources below and consider […]