Pulled Pork

Mexican Pulled Pork and Cauliflower Mash Recipes

I have to admit to cooking the Mexican Pulled Pork in my slow cooker at least once a month and making many bariatric perfectly-portioned meals from it. I decided to add a cauliflower mash topping, as a pie – a healthy one. The duo is perfect for WLS’ers and anyone. It’s just the thing for a […]

Lymphedema and Lipedema

Could You Have Lipedema?

Lipedema May Increase Obesity in Women Fat on the outside of the body is called Subcutaneous (beneath the skin) Adipose Tissue (SAT). Increased SAT around the hips, buttocks and thighs is gynoid obesity; excess abdominal SAT is common in men and is called android obesity.   Android obesity increases the risk for metabolic complications including […]

back on track2

Struggling with Your Eating Routine? Five Back on Track Principles!

Have you swayed a bit from your normal eating routine? Do you want to get back on track with your healthy eating? Whether you’re reading this on January 1st, March 26th or October 2nd, you can get back on track anytime. Here are five essential principles that you can follow to get the most out of […]

Skin Tight

Before & After Plastic Surgery with Yalena from TLC’s Skin Tight!

Obesity has always been a huge part of my life – both negatively and (now) positively. As a child, obesity affected me in ways that a child never realizes until they grow up. As an adult, my weight was more than just a physical problem, but a strain on my mental health as well. My […]

oh2016 early bird sale

#OH2016 Early Bird Registration is Open!

We’ve been celebrating the bariatric community’s success and commitment to health since our first conference in 2004! The annual ObesityHelp National Conferences brings together patients that are navigating their weight loss surgery journey with the common goals of weight loss, improved health, and wellness. There is always a very special connection among our attendees. As an […]

Dr James Wallace

In Loving Memory and Appreciation of Dr. James Robert Wallace

Remembering James Robert Wallace, MD, PhD (1953-2016) The ObesityHelp Team would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, patients and co-workers of Dr. James Robert Wallace who passed away unexpectedly on January 24, 2015. Dr. Wallace was a trauma and general surgeon and the Director of the Bariatric Surgery Program at Froedert & the […]

plastic surgery consultation

Make the Most of Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

Congratulations on taking control of your life, and choosing to live healthy. This was a difficult path and a great accomplishment that you completed. Be proud! After massive weight loss (MWL), many patients do not feel satisfied. Despite obvious improvements in health, BMI, and appearance, many patients feel they are still “fat”. For many, it […]


The Real Deal Living With the Roux-en-Y (RNY)

After struggling with my weight since puberty and being super morbidly obese for many years, I had an open Roux-en-Y (RNY) on August 27, 2007. It was the day before my 45th birthday, and it was the day that gave me BACK my life. After having WLS, I lost 190 pounds. Even more important is […]


Should vBloc Neurometabolic Therapy Ever Be Performed?

This article is written in response to Bariatric News: vBloc Neurometabolic Therapy. How the vBloc Neurometabolic Therapy Works The vBloc is the first new medical device approved by the FDA in 2015. Delivered by a pacemaker-like device, the Maestro® Rechargeable System, vBloc Therapy works by blocking communication on the nerve, the vagus nerve, which serves as […]

Before & After DS with Rachel

Before & After DS with Rachel!

Celebrating Rachel’s Journey Before & After DS I have been overweight since I was a child, and it is something I have struggled with all of my life. Coming from a family of obesity, food was our comfort. Being overweight was all that I knew about myself. I was the sad overweight girl who was […]