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10 Things I’ve Learned as a WLS Post Op and Dietitian

I first started my journey into the WLS life as a student, so it feels right to be a student once more, furthering my education as a post-op. I know that this is not every post-op’s passion, so I am bridging the gap between what I have learned as a WLS post op, and what I’ve […]

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Being Different Is Good – 12 Tips to Accept Yourself

For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt different. Being a slightly overweight adolescent to an adult with Class III obesity made me feel even more different. It was confirmed by certain family members, acquaintances, co-workers and people that regularly glared at me. Not that I had any doubts that I was different, but […]

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Stay Cool this Summer with Orange Cream Protein Popsicles

It’s summer and the hot temperatures outside are not dropping anytime soon! Staying active and planning healthy meals can be challenging when you are surrounded by the heat and summer BBQ parties. For your next BBQ outing, try making these refreshingly delicious orange cream popsicles with Premier Protein® Vanilla Shakes for you and your friends. The […]


There’s No Such Thing As Food Addiction

If you think calling obesity a disease is controversial, try talking about food addiction without getting into a scuffle! Half of the people will demand that you show scientific proof of your food addiction “theory” before they’ll even give the matter consideration while the other half will argue that addictive behavior is nothing more than […]

VSG Surgery Giveaway

VSG Surgery Giveaway with A Lighter Me, $4,600 Value!

A Lighter Me is giving away a VSG Surgery at #OH2015 in Raleigh, North Carolina! We have been sponsors of the ObesityHelp National Conference for the past two years, both of those years, we have sponsored a giveaway raffle for a free wls surgery!  We know that not everyone can afford surgery, so we like to […]


July Member Spotlight: Weight Loss Surgery Before and After

Every day, we see ObesityHelp members reach amazing goals, embracing health and wellness, and celebrating non-scale victories. Today we’re celebrating OH member, scarlette123, by sharing her weight loss surgery Before and After photos. Before and After Photos after Weight Loss Surgery Let’s give a big round of applause and congratulations to scarlette123! SCARLETTE123’S BEFORE & […]


Is Plastic Surgery Your Next Step?

Deciding to take that first step towards a healthier you is not easy. It’s not only about losing weight it’s about creating and leading a new lifestyle. Although the journey may sometimes be emotionally and physically draining, it is well worth it. Whether you achieved your weight loss goals through bariatric surgery or diet and […]


WLSFA Surgery Grants Awarded

The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America (WLSFA) announced the most recent recipients of surgery grants at their annual fundraiser. The 2014-2015 grant cycle provided funds for four surgery grants. Grant recipients were Tiffany Torres, Vickie Funderburk, Mark Clements and Serena Debesa. “Fifty-nine percent of individual health plans still don’t cover bariatric surgery.” – WLSFA Founded […]

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Bill Streetman Bikes His Way To Health

Only five years ago, Bill Streetman, ObesityHelp member WHSNewLife, was 54 and weighed 404 pounds.  His health was failing.  Bill had high cholesterol and high blood pressure. As a result of his weight and body size, Bill could no longer do the things he loved such as hike, snow ski, play soccer or ride his […]

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ObesityHelp Community Tips: Attending a Conference

Whether you are pre-op, newly post-op, or a long term post-op bariatric surgery patient, attending an ObesityHelp Conference can be a very beneficial experience. Conferences provide the opportunity to interact with both patients and professionals, gathering valuable information and tips on how to integrate that new information into your real life situation. Attending a conference […]