dumping syndrome 2

Dumping Syndrome: What You Need to Know

Dumping syndrome is an aggregate of symptoms and signs that can develop after RNY Gastric Bypass. Dumping syndrome occurs when food moves fast from the stomach into the small bowel. This usually happens when hyperosmolar particles (concentrated sugar, salt, fat, etc.) traverse into the small intestine without being buffered by the stomach.  Nerve damage inflicted […]

ps revision scar

Scar Revision with Plastic Surgery

Usually, scars heal well.  When scars are aesthetically unacceptable, the scars may need to be revised. Scars can be unacceptable for a variety of reasons. Unacceptable scars can result from wound breakdown, infection, reactions to suture material, and even normal healing. Scars can be highly visible, wide, persistently red, thick, raised, or distortion of underlying […]


In Loving Memory of Ron Lester

The ObesityHelp Team is deeply saddened by the passing of our friend Ron Lester.  Ron passed away on June 17th of kidney and liver failure after being taken off life support.  He was 45 years old. Best known for his role as “Billy Bob” in the movie Varsity Blues, the actor and comedian also starred as Sugar Daddy […]

before after ds with kim

Before & After DS with Kim’s 165 Pound Weight Loss!

Celebrating Kim’s Journey Before & After DS (Duodenal Switch) My weight has always been an issue. I remember as a child, though not obese, never being as thin as most of the other kids. I was always self-conscious about my body. My real struggle with obesity came after the birth of my daughter. I did […]


WLS and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Obesity surgery has as its main objective the loss of weight and resolution of co-morbidities. Currently, weight loss surgery is one of the best tools we have  to achieve both. Obesity and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) There is a direct association between obesity and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). In the last few years, according to US […]

PatchMD Summer Giveaway

PatchMD Summer Giveaway – Over $1,800 Worth of Prizes!

This post is sponsored by PatchMD. To celebrate summer, we’ve partnered with PatchMD to bring you a fantastic giveaway. PatchMD patches are vitamin supplement patches that you wear on the skin. The PatchMD Summer Giveaway will have three winners! Winners will get to select the four patches that they would like to receive a supply of. One of those lucky […]

egg white

Egg White Power Bowl Recipe

There is no wrong way to do this egg white power bowl recipe! It’s like a deconstructed omelet. Use the vegetables you most like or have on hand – spinach, mushrooms, etc. Anything will taste great. Egg whites are packed with protein which helps you sustain energy and mood for the rest of the day. […]

Pre Op Liquid Diet 2

6 Benefits to the Pre-Op Liquid Diet

Most patients are naturally stressed out prior to a major operation such as weight loss surgery. By nature, we are EATING animals first, then DRINKING animals second. Even if it were possible to drink all of our nutrition through a straw, the idea of doing this for life is totally unacceptable to most of us […]

Before & After RNY Revision and Plastic Surgery 1

Before & After RNY, Revision and Plastic Surgery with ICG63

Celebrating ICG63’s Before & After RNY, Revision and Plastic Surgery Journeys I’ve struggled with weight my whole life. I love food, tend toward depression and retreating, so a lot of “eating my feelings” over the years. Sought talk therapy, joined gyms, exercised sporadically, then would inevitably get bored with a monotonous routine and have sedentary […]

weight regain

The 6 Steps I Used to Lose Weight Regain

I had my VSG in June of 2011. Between weight loss prior to surgery and post-op, I enjoyed great success, losing 232 pounds. I was on top of the world, and to be quite honest, I thought I was invincible and would never gain weight back. After all, I had changed my lifestyle and isn’t […]