Is the Body Mass Index (BMI) Accurate?

What is the Body Mass Index (BMI) and How It Is Used? The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of body fat and general health. Height and weight are used to determine a person’s BMI. BMI is a proxy measure of body fat because it measures excess weight rather than excess body fat. The […]

Orgain Organic Protein 2

Orgain Organic Protein Giveaway – Vitamix, NutriBullet Pro & more!

This post is sponsored by Orgain. We’ve partnered with Orgain to bring you a fantastic giveaway that will have three winners with prizes to support you with your healthy lifestyle. Clean, organic protein is the engine of all Orgain products. They use USDA Organic, Grass-Fed Whey, and milk protein concentrates. The Plant-Based and Vegan products use only the highest quality, […]

saggy skin

Saggy Skin & Realistic Expectations After Weight Loss

First of all, I would like to share my own personal experience with plastic surgery after weight loss because I believe I can better explain based on my own experiences as well as that of my patients. It is important to me that plastic surgery patients are knowledgeable about saggy skin and have realistic expectations […]

Lemon Feta Chicken Recipe

Lemon Feta Chicken Recipe – Only 156 Calories!

Are you in a dinner rut and tired of plain baked chicken breast recipes?  This Lemon Feta Chicken Recipe has only 5 ingredients and tons of flavor.  This recipe is also one of the best diabetic baked chicken recipes. No worries about marinade with this recipe. With lemon juice, oregano, and feta, this recipe comes together very easily […]

Before After RNY Gastric Bypass Mysty

Before & After RNY Gastric Bypass with Mysty

Celebrating Mysty’s Before & After RNY Gastric Bypass Journey! One of the main reasons that my first marriage ended was because I had gained weight. I had been “chubby” my whole life had lost weight before I got married, then gained a significant amount from the pregnancy with my son. There were some significant losses and trauma […]

going to the gym 1

5 Reasons You Fear Going to the Gym and What You Can Do!

“I’ll start going to the gym when I lose weight.” This statement, as absurd as it may sound, is one I hear frequently as a group fitness instructor. Unbeknownst to many of the individuals who utter it, there is often a much more complex set of feelings hiding behind this statement. While we all have […]

ways back on track

Are You Lost? 10 Ways to Get Back On Track

First, I want to wish you “Congratulations!” on your journey so far. Whether you are six months, two years or ten years out from your surgery, you made a life-changing decision, and that takes guts. Good for you! Looking back at the last few weeks, months or even years, have you found yourself playing “hide […]

iron deficiency 3

Iron Deficiency: Symptoms and Treatments

Have you been diagnosed with iron deficiency after having bariatric surgery? If so, you’re not alone. Iron deficiency, already the most common mineral deficiency in the United States, occurs at an even higher rate among weight loss surgery patients and is a particular concern for post-operative RNY Gastric Bypass patients. But the good news is […]

plastic surgery 1

What’s Next After WLS? Plastic Surgery!

With over 20 years of experience in plastic  and post-bariatric surgery, I have dedicated most of my career to perform facial rejuvenation procedures as well as body contouring for those who have had massive weight loss. To explain what happens after a patient has had bariatric surgery and what aspects should be taken into consideration […]

Before & After Revision from Lap-Band to Gastric Bypass with Jill

Before & After Revision from Lap-Band to Gastric Bypass with Jill

Celebrating Jill’s Before & After Revision! I’ve always believed that every person has a story.  I am also convinced that every person who is morbidly obese has an extremely complicated story.   The story line of the morbidly obese individual is filled with shame, embarrassment, interventions, “hoping against hope”, as well as pain. Yet, many […]