before & after rny with kelly

Before & After RNY with Kelly!

Celebrating Kelly’s RNY Journey! I started this weight loss journey at just under 300 pounds on high blood pressure medication and was pre-diabetic. I had struggled with losing and keeping off weight with diet and exercise alone but after discussing options with my doctor I realized that I needed a tool to help me. Before […]

robotics bariatric surgery

Can Robotics Transform Bariatric Surgery?

When many of us think about robotics, our minds may very well drift toward thoughts of automobiles and airplanes transforming into fighting defenders to save our world from attacking invaders. Perhaps instead we think about the futuristic world of the Jetsons where our mechanized friends help us get ready in the morning, clean our house, […]

Nutrition Evaluation

What To Expect at Your Bariatric Nutrition Evaluation

We know that many of you may be asking yourselves what you should do with the extra weight that you are carrying. You are not alone!  More than one-third (34.9% or 78.6 million) of U.S. adults are struggling with obesity. You may be nervous and hesitant to discuss surgery as an option. But ask yourself […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to the OH Community!

The ObesityHelp staff wishes members of the OH community a very Happy Thanksgiving. We appreciate you are members of the Community, and that you share your experiences and support on Make your Thanksgiving special Random acts of kindness.  Make it a tradition by doing one (or more) random act of kindness on Thanksgiving, or […]

Relationships After WLS

Relationships after WLS – Helping Yourself Helps Others

I’ve heard it said that the only thing in life that remains constant is change. It seems there are greater times of change at some points in life than at others. And the weeks, months and the first couple of years following weight loss surgery are filled with more changes than at most other times […]

Before & Aftet RNY with dirks34

Before & After RNY with dirks34!

Celebrating dirks34’s RNY Journey! Courage to take a big leap of faith has given me the confidence to reform my health, self esteem and dreams. My journey started with a wish. A wish to improve my health and do whatever I could to prolong my life in order to spend more time with my husband and see […]

buy clothes at a regular store

Goals: Buy Clothes at a Regular Store…Not a Plus Size Store

The struggle is real; plus size clothes shopping can be a major hassle! The frustration of shopping on the “other side”, limited styles in the store, or even having to shop online because the plus size collection is only sold there (and then later having to return it if it doesn’t fit). Not only is the struggle real, the […]

Your WLS Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Your WLS Thanksgiving Survival Guide

November marks the beginning of the holidays with Thanksgiving, holiday parties and get-togethers. Support is important year-round but the holidays can be challenging for a variety of reasons. Whether your challenges are sugary desserts, unhealthy food options, dealing with stressful relationship or ways to make your Thanksgiving extra special with traditions, check out these articles in Your […]

bowel obstruction after wls

Bowel Obstruction after WLS: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Complications after bariatric surgery have dramatically decreased over the last decade. This can be attributed to the increased volume of procedures bariatric surgeons are performing, and improved tools and techniques which make the different types of procedures less invasive (and therefore less risky) for patients.  The length of hospital stays now average about 1-3 days […]

Your Weight Matters

Educational Resource: Your Weight Matters Local

As the Community Support Manager of and a 14 year post op WLS patient, I attended the “Your Weight Matters Local Event” held on November 7th, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA.  The “Your Weight Matters Event” was hosted by the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) in conjunction with ObesityWeek. As an attendee, I learned about topics relating […]