wls friendly foods

10 WLS-Friendly Foods to Eat for Energy

Many people associate carbohydrate-rich foods with providing energy. However, as most weight loss surgery patients know, the post-operative diet is limited in carbohydrates due to their ability to cause weight regain. Fortunately, there are several other foods that are capable of providing you with long-lasting energy, despite having a lower carbohydrate makeup. If you feel […]

Premier Protein Caramel Shake New Flavor Giveaway

Premier Protein® Caramel Shake – NEW FLAVOR Giveaway! Total Value of $385

This post is sponsored by Premier Protein®. Are you ready to try a new flavor? Premier Protein® Caramel Shake! We’ve partnered with Premier Protein® to bring you a giveaway that features a BRAND NEW flavor! Premier Protein® Caramel is a ready-to-drink protein shake that is packed full of protein and flavor.  Each shake has 30g of protein and […]

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How Do I Know If My Lap-Band Pouch Still Works?

OK ok, STOP being concerned.  You have the Lap-Band, the ONLY operation that gives successful long-term weight loss.  So, yes, your pouch still works.  Of course, you have not tried to ruin your pouch with bread, rice or carbonated beverages….ever.  You never drink when you eat…ever; and the only reason you seem to be able […]

15 ways to combat stress

Feeling Stressed? 15 Ways To Combat It This Holiday Weekend!

If you’re stressed about the Holidays, you aren’t alone! It is common to be stressed about the food choices, the abundance of sugary “treats” and relationship dynamics. You can stay on track with your healthy lifestyle and combat your stress so you can enjoy the Holidays. Combat Holiday Eating Stress 12 Tips to Overcome a Day […]

meatloaf recipe

Starting My WLS Journey & Ms. Melody’s Meatloaf Recipe

“Taking the first steps toward weight management is difficult for many people. Each individual’s journey is unique, and is shaped by various experiences in their past, along with their goals for their future.” ~Joseph Ewing, RD, LDN Ms. Melody is one such individual whom through persistence and unwavering optimism, continues to strive to meet her weight management […]

before after vsg vertical sleeve lindsay

Before & After VSG Vertical Sleeve with Lindsay

Celebrating Lindsay’s Before & After RNY Gastric Bypass Journey! Weight loss, or the concept of it anyway, has felt to me like a full-time job for a long time. I remember being on my first self-imposed diet in middle school after I made the cheerleading squad and discovered my first stretch mark. I wasn’t obese […]

type 2 diabetes

Resolution of Type 2 Diabetes with WLS

18 years ago, when I started my career as a bariatric surgeon, we thought that we knew everything about how bariatric surgery worked – we were wrong. At the first World Congress on Interventional Therapies for Type 2 Diabetes, held in September 2008, a number of experts in the surgical treatment of obesity and in […]

stay on track at the holidays

17 Ways To Stay On Track At The Holidays & New Year’s!

The holidays are probably one of the biggest hardships to overcome right after having bariatric surgery. While everyone else is indulging in the festive foods, you are being quietly critiqued as the non-conformer. Some of your relatives might be privy to your weight loss journey, others probably don’t have a clue. Family gatherings turn into […]


10 Tips for an Attitude of Gratitude Every Day

On the fourth Thursday in November, in the U.S., we celebrate Thanksgiving and being grateful. What about the other 364 days in the year? It has been shown that being grateful can improve many parts of your life! Benefits to an Attitude of Gratitude Gratitude can improve your physical health. The boost gratitude gives to your […]

weight loss surgery

6 Tips to Prepare for Surgery After Massive Weight Loss

Remember before your Weight Loss Surgery:  Researching whether you were a candidate?  Searching for the right surgeon?  Learning about the different operative procedures?  Attending support groups?   Weeks of trying to accommodate your diet and starting an exercise regimen?  You became an active participant, engaged and committed to ensuring the success of your surgery.  And it […]