Before After RNY with Daisy

Before & After RNY with Daisy

Celebrating Daisy’s Journey Before & After RNY! I can’t recall a time in my life when I didn’t struggle with my self-image, confidence and weight. I was that girl that went home and cried herself to sleep wondering why I didn’t fit the “perfect mold” as I perceived other girls to be. I wouldn’t even […]

Asian Burgers Recipe

Asian Burgers Recipe – Packed With 27 Grams of Protein!

Turn your burger into this unbelievably tasty Asian infused burger. This Asian Burgers Recipe is a real winner! You’ll never want to eat a plain burger again! Asian Burgers Recipe – KITCHEN 101 Makes 4 servings  Ingredients 1 pound ground sirloin 1/4 cup panko bread crumbs 1/3 cup chopped green onions 1 egg, lightly beaten […]

the biological realities of weight regain

The Biological Realities of Weight Regain

What are at least six possible explanations why people easily regain weight after losing it? This in-class prompt was to be answered by 120 college students attending my Nutrition Science class at Santa Monica College.  The goal of the assignment was two-fold.  First, I wanted the students to articulate, after my lecture, important biologically based obstacles of […]

Body Image Issues Plastic Surgeons Perspective

Body Image Issues from One Plastic Surgeon’s Perspective

There are many different types of body image issues that patients present to my plastic surgery office.  People present with a wide variety of complaints about their physique.  Often, patients have very high goals and expectations of their plastic surgery results.  Sometimes, patients demand unrealistic results. Some physical issues are real, while other physical maladies […]

pokemon go

Pokémon Go for Exercise, Fun, and WLS!

Driving home from work last week, I was surprised to see several kids outside in my neighborhood in New Jersey. I first thought I had worked straight through the summer, and it was Halloween already. Then I assumed it must have been a party of some kind in my usually desolate neighborhood. But there was […]

Before After RNY with Steve Suzy

Before & After RNY – Steve & Suzy’s 233lbs Weight Loss!

Steve and Suzy are sharing their Before & After RNY journeys losing a combined 233 pounds! Celebrating Steve’s Journey Before & After RNY! I started having trouble with my weight as a child, I was always a little heavy. I struggled but kept my weight under control until I was in my mid-twenties. I joined the United […]

Meal Planning in 8 Easy Steps

Meal Planning in 8 Easy Steps for Everyone!

Oh, meal planning. We know we need to do it, but it always sounds like such a drag. Sitting down, pouring over recipes, writing up a plan, making a grocery list. By the time we get to the grocery store, it’s been hours of preparation! Never mind the fact we still have to unload it […]

Alcohol After Surgery Caution Needed

Should WLS Post-Ops Drink Alcohol After Surgery?

Should WLS post-ops drink alcohol after surgery? Unlike many of the questions that we have about the changes that happen to the body after bariatric surgery, there is some reasonably good data regarding alcohol’s effect on the post-bariatric patient. We have the most information regarding alcohol intake after RNY Gastric Bypass.  The effects of alcohol […]

superfood swap

5 Healthy Superfood Swaps You Can Make

If you’re anything like me, when you hear the term “superfood” you immediately think of a woman named Opal Storm Flower, making Wheat Grass shots at the local juice bar. Superfood to me was just a fancy word that I couldn’t even afford to think about, let alone explore. However, there is ALWAYS a loophole.  Actually, I […]

low blood sugar after wls

Low Blood Sugar After WLS: Signs, Symptoms & Treatments

What is Low Blood Sugar? Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia is defined as a blood sugar level less than 70mg/dL. Hypoglycemia commonly affects diabetics when exogenous insulin is taken without a meal containing a balance of carbohydrate, protein and fat.  Non-diabetic hypoglycemia includes both fasting hypoglycemia and reactive hypoglycemia.  Fasting hypoglycemia is related to certain […]