rny to ds

What to Expect of a Revision from RNY to DS

Obesity is a tough disease and can often recur even after bariatric surgery. Making poor food choices is often a guilt-ridden process. Nothing good comes from beating yourself up mentally. Guilt and condemnation will only lead to more poor food choices used to medicate the pain you are experiencing.  This spirals into a vicious cycle leading to more […]

Eat Mindfully

10 Ways to Eat Mindfully for a Healthy Lifestyle

You wake up and it’s time to get yourself, and the kids, ready for another busy day.  You make breakfast for the family, but you don’t have enough time to eat as you frantically glance through your work emails. Into the car you go and the morning drop off starts. You walk into the office […]


B12 & Complex B Deficiency: Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

Weight loss surgery patients undergo a dramatic change in lifestyle following surgery.  While many of the changes are for the good, there are several things that can be onerous.  I have heard several patients complain about taking daily vitamins stating that while not difficult, it is annoying.  Sometimes it is hard to convey how important […]

Before After the Sleeve Scott redo

Before & After the Sleeve with Scott, losing 208lbs!

Celebrating Scott’s Before & After the Sleeve (VSG) Success! I believe my journey is relatively typical. I had high blood pressure, cholesterol, and the same medical problems as many of us who are overweight. The warning signs of diabetes were paired with clothes that were hard to find and airline seats too small. The world […]

obesityhelp national conference

Post-Op: I Went to the 2016 ObesityHelp National Conference!

I have been a member of Obesity Help for over two years. I have always wanted to attend the ObesityHelp Conferences. I wanted to attend last year but was not able to. For this year’s Conference, the 2016 ObesityHelp National Conference, I made it a point to schedule my reservations and attend the Conference. Since […]

pouch redo

How Do I Know If My Pouch Still Works?

There are two types of pouch malfunctions. The first type is “loss of restriction” which is experienced as weight regain and sometimes a change in hunger. The second type is that of a pathological process that produces symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, reflux, or pain. To understand  how your pouch should work, it is best to […]

weight regain

Weight Regain and the Return of Old Habits

Let’s just start with the bottom line. A return of the “old habits” results in the finding of lost weight. The dreaded weight regain. We all know what “old habits” means when it comes to the world of the weight loss roller coaster. Your “old habits” may be slightly different from his “old habits” or […]

surgery in mexico redo

10 Questions to Ask Before Having Surgery in Mexico

If you’re one of the thousands of people who are considering having surgery in Mexico, this article is written for you. Over the years, Mexico has transformed into a world-renowned leader in bariatric surgery. Thousands of people from all over the world are now looking to Mexico to provide the most experienced and highly skilled surgeons […]

before after gastric bypass kellybelly redo

Before & After Gastric Bypass with Kellybelly333

Celebrating Kellybelly333’s Before & After RNY Gastric Bypass Journey! I began my journey to weight loss surgery in late 2009. I was 36-years-old and I had another appointment with my family doctor to have my medications adjusted. I was on two types of blood pressure medication, on my fifth change of medication for depression, medication […]

weight management redo

The Essential Ingredient for Lasting Weight Management

To be successful in your weight loss journey you must know the essential ingredient for lasting weight management. Have you ever felt like my client Tom? “I knew it, it’s over. I’ve blown my weight loss.” Tom is more upset and frustrated than I ever seen him before. Formerly 380 pounds, Tom is 18 months […]