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Who Says Thin is Beautiful, and Fat is Ugly?

Why are skinny people featured in the media as healthy, sexy, and successful? Why do ad campaigns repeatedly teach us, “New ways to get rid of ugly fat?” Why do most people want to be thin? Back in the day, having a few extra pounds was a sign of wealth. It meant having more than […]


Celebrating a Non-Scale Victory – Zip Lining

Celebrating a Non-Scale Victory with Watson From enjoying his life now as a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) post-op, Watson’s journey took him to achieving a goal he made as a pre-op.  Watson shares about his latest Non-Scale Victory (NSV) adventure: “I have a fear of heights.  Before I did the zip line…I felt really nervous about doing […]

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February Spotlight: Weight Loss Surgery Before and After Photos

ObesityHelp Members Weight Loss Surgery Before and After Celebrations Every day, we see ObesityHelp members reaching amazing goals, embracing health and wellness, and celebrating non-scale victories. Today we’re celebrating three OH members by sharing their weight loss surgery Before and After photos. A big high five and congrats to the members below… SHAWNLYNN’S BEFORE & […]


ObesityHelp Conference Super Early Bird Winner

Congratulations to Jane H. (OH Username: janielynne) from Illinois for being the ObesityHelp Conference Super Early Bird Winner! Jane won the FREE 3-night stay at the Embassy Suites Raleigh-Durham during the ObesityHelp 2015 National Conference!  “What a wonderful surprise!  Thank you for this wonderful news. This has put a BIG smile on my face.” Jane has been a […]

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Cherry Vanilla Protein Shake Recipe for Two

February is National Cherry Month “I cannot tell a lie father, it was I who cut the cherry tree down.” – George Washington Thanks to President George Washington folklore, February is National Cherry Month. Not only do we get to celebrate the 1st President’s birthday in February, we also get to celebrate Valentine’s Day. A […]


10 Most Visited ObesityHelp Forums

ObesityHelp forums are a place for members to connect with other members, ask questions, share information and offer support. With more than 200 forums, we have a place for nearly every topic, from surgery type, surgery date, fitness, nutrition, medical conditions, geographic location, and many more! “I first learned about this site from my surgeon […]


Raspberry Cream Cheese Black Bean Brownies

By Margaret Furtado MS RD, LDN, RYT and Chef Joseph Ewing AS Culinary Arts, BS Culinary Nutrition Okay, okay… I know what you’re thinking… black bean brownies? Yes, it sounded weird to me too but you won’t believe how good they are! While at Johnson & Wales University, we tasted a number of brownies with the fat […]


You and Your Scale

What is the relationship between you and your scale?  You may not own one, but many of us do.  When we’ve been overweight and tried umpteen diets, the scale has become a friend and a foe.  We can ignore the scale for long periods of time or step on/off multiple times throughout the day.  Is […]


Advocate Sarah Bramblette at TEDx Event

ObesityHelp would like to congratulate Sarah Bramblette of Born2lbfat on her upcoming TEDxNSU event on March 28, 2015 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Sarah is one of the speakers on the esteemed panel for the TEDx event. Sarah is a member of the ObesityHelp team and a long-term member of OH.  Sarah is a dedicated health care and […]

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ObesityHelp Conference: Speaker Submissions Now Open

Educate, Empower, Support Do you have a story to share that will inspire and motivate? Tips that will help others on their journey? Speaking at an ObesityHelp Conference is an excellent opportunity to showcase your talents, experience, and knowledge to an enthusiastic weight loss surgery community. We will be accepting speaker submissions for #OH2015  until February 10th, 2015! The 2015 […]