ObesityHelp Conference Speakers

ObesityHelp Conference Speakers: OH2016 Friday Sessions

Meet the Friday ObesityHelp Conference Speakers! We are excited to announce Friday’s agenda and speakers! Make sure you join us in Anaheim, CA, September 30th & October 1st for two jam-packed days of education, support and celebration! Check out the #OH2016 agenda and make sure to buy your Early Bird tickets, this is the last […]

exercise labels 11

Are Exercise Labels a Good Idea?

Before you ate a slice of pizza, if you knew how many minutes you would have to walk or run to burn it off, would it make you think twice before eating it?  Would you not eat it at all? British researchers and medical professionals think that information is important for you to know. British […]

amusement park ride

Go On Amusement Park Rides!

Being overweight or morbidly obese has its limitations. One of them is going to an amusement park and be able to fit on the rides comfortably. Many of members of the bariatric community often share their experiences of going to an amusement park with their friends or families, stand in line, get up to board […]

Before and After RNY with Stacey

Before & After RNY with Stacey

Celebrating Stacey’s Journey Before & After RNY! The first time I realized that I was “fat” was at age 7 when I was in 2nd grade. I remember weighing myself on the bathroom scale at home and it said I weighed 72 pounds. I had no concept of weight or what I should weigh and […]


14 Tips for the Self-Image You Deserve!

Have you ever lost weight but were still dissatisfied with how your body looked? Yes? You can relax because you’re in good company. One of the most common adjustment issues for people who have lost weight is having a negative self-image. People who struggle with this problem typically have a long history with it but, […]

drinking through a straw wls

Drinking Through A Straw After WLS

One piece of advice that well-intentioned bariatric surgeons and dietitians usually give to their patients after bariatric surgery is to NEVER drink through a straw.  The reasoning provided for this counsel is usually along the lines that a patient who drinks through a straw will swallow too much air in the process and then become […]

spinach cheese bake

Spinach Cheese Bake Recipe – 113 Calories!

This is a beautiful way to eat your veggies! Moist, full of flavor and good for you carbs – it’s a great side dish or a vegetarian meal on its own. I’ve added cooked, chopped turkey bacon to this before also, and any variety of cheese I happen to have on hand. For a brunch, […]


Customize Your Favorite Recipes Without Fear

Have you ever read a recipe and thought, “gee, that sounds good, but I don’t like…“  Or, “ I really like that recipe but, I can’t eat…” ? Good news!!  You can still make the recipe with this easy to follow method to “make it your own!” “Make it your own” is a little catch […]

before and after vsg charles

Before & After VSG with Charles – 272 Pounds Lost!

Celebrating Charles’ Before & After VSG Journey! When I was 40 years old, the scale read 470 pounds. Starting when I was 20, my weight had continually climbed higher each year. My family had concerns and they often talked to me about my weight. I ignored their concerns because I was stuck in my drug of […]

endoluminal therapy

Endoscopic Weight Loss Options & Endoluminal Therapy

It is clear that weight loss surgery (WLS) is the treatment of choice for obesity and its associated diseases such as diabetes. Patients are typically able to achieve a sustained loss of 50-80% of excess body weight, with robust improvements in high blood pressure, diabetes, and obstructive sleep apnea.[1] However, WLS procedures such as the […]