Weight & Classification

BMIBody Mass Index
CWCurrent Weight
HWHighest Weight
SWStarting Weight
GWGoal Weight
UGWUltimate Weight Goal
GTGGetting to Goal
MOMorbid Obesity
SMOSuper Morbid Obesity
SSMOSuper Super Morbid Obesity

Surgery Type & Medical

DSDuodenal Switch
GBPGastric Bypass
PBProductive Burp
PCOSPoly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome
RDRegistered Dietitian
RHReactive Hypoglycemia
VSGVertical Sleeve Gastrectomy
WLSWeight Loss Surgery

Plastic Surgery

BABreast Augmentation
BLBreast Lift
BRBreast Reduction
CBLCircumferential Body Lift
FBLFull Body Lift
FLFace Lift
LBLLower Body Lift
PSPlastic Surgery / Plastic Surgeon
TLThigh Lift
TTTummy Tuck

Member Speak

AMAWAll Meat All Week
BOTBack on Track
CAMAWCritters and Meat All Week
FFFat Free
NSVNon Scale Victory
OTOff Topic
QOTDQuestion of the Day
SFSugar Free
SVScale Victory

Net Speak

IMHOIn My Humble Opinion
JKJust Kidding
LMAOLaughing My A$$ Off
LOLLaughing Out Loud
OMGOh My Gosh/God
PITAPain in the A$$
SMHShaking My Head
TMIToo Much Information
TYThank You
WTGWay to Go

Personal Reference

BILBrother In Law
DBDarling Boyfriend
DDDarling Daughter
DSDarling Son
FILFather in Law
MILMother in Law
SILSister in Law / Son in Law
SOSignificant Other