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ObesityHelp would like to congratulate Dr. Mervyn Deitel, founder and editor of OBESITY SURGERY Including Laparoscopy and Allied Care, for the journal?s extraordinary achievements since its inception in 1991.

By 2003, the journal had achieved the distinction of being the 20th most commonly cited surgery journal in the world. However, in the past 2 years, the journal surpassed its earlier achievements,boasting an impact ranking of 7th and an immediacy index of 3rd among139 peer-reviewed scientific surgical journals in the world.

Dr. Deitel graduated in Medicine from University of Toronto in 1961. He received surgical training in New York City at Beth Israel Medical Center, Bellevue and New York University Hospitals.He received further training in cancer at Roswell Park Memorial Institute in Buffalo, NY, followed by trauma and shock research at University of Texas Southwestern Medical School Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas.

He was most impressed with starving surgical patients, and started intravenous hyperalimentation and techniques for tube feeding of chemically-defined diets in Canada in 1967. In 1971,because he was handling the starving and septic nutritional patients in Ontario,morbidly- and super-obese patients began to be referred to him and he started performing the jejuno-ileal (JI)bypass. The problem with that operation, in Dr. Deitel?s opinion, was with complications which could be prevented through specialized surgical knowledge, but tied down the surgeon. Indeed, most of his JI bypass patients have survived into old age.

Dr. Mervyn Deitel was a pioneer in bariatric surgery at St. Joseph?s Hospital,Toronto, from 1971 to 1996,eventually performing gastroplasty and Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. Over the years,his expertise and compassion were touched 2,808 patients. Dr. Deitel remarks that although there were a number of major complications along the way, he was fortunate to never have an operative mortality. He was certified andre-certified by the American Board of Surgery.

As a Professor of Nutritional Sciences and Surgery, he was an outstanding contributor to the academic development of bariatric surgery. He was a founding member of the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition(ASPEN) in 1971, the American Society for Bariatric Surgery (ASBS) in 1983 and the International Federation of the Surgery of Obesity (IFSO) in 1996. He was President of ASBS from 1995 to1996, and received the ASBS Foundation Outstanding Achievement Award in 2002. He was the first Executive Director of IFSO, and they bestowed upon him their first Distinguished Service Award, conferring Life Membership upon him, in 2005.

Dr. Deitel has more than 169 publications indexed in the U.S. National Library of Medicine PubMed (www.pubmed.gov), which may be obtained through Ingenta Connect or Springer Online. These articles indicate Dr. Deitel?s wide range of interests? including I.V. nutrition, lipids, cancer,head and neck, ileitis-colitis and hernias. He has written about 1,000 papers, and given more than 500 presentations (invited internationally), and has 19 chapters in textbooks.

His book contributions include the editing of Nutrition in Clinical Surgery, in 1980, and Nutrition in Clinical Surgery, 2nd Edition, in 1985, published by Williams & Wilkins. He also edited Surgery for the Morbidly Obese Patient, published in 1989 by Lea & Febiger, and Update: Surgery for Morbidly Obese Patient, published in 2000 by FD Communications, Inc. With FD-Communications, he published Geriatrics Today: Journal of the Canadian Geriatrics Society, and he has published Surgery for Morbid Obesity: What Patients Should Know, in 2001 (both in English and Spanish), with 21 printings for the American Society for Bariatric Surgery Standards Committee.

Dr. Deitel serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition and OH Magazine.He is a senior member of the Society for Surgical Oncology,American Society for Head and Neck Surgery, Central Surgical Association, Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons, and Canadian Association of General Surgeons.
Life and career have brought countless challenges, but Dr. Deitel and his lovely wife of 45 years, Frances, have weathered every storm. They have two sons, one a radiologist in Toronto, and the other a spinal surgeon in San Diego. If you are not subscribing to OBESITY SURGERY, you or your institutional library would benefit from doing so. Benefits include viewing of full articles online dating back to 1991.

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