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Reach my pre-op weight by the end of March
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Weighing my options, and losing the initial weight!
March 13, 2012 11:48 am
Hi there everyone.  So, I've been pursuing the full out gastric-bypass for a couple months now, and continue to struggle with my initial weight loss.  The last appt. I had, they severely reduced my caloric allowance and carbs, however I've only lost a couple lbs.  Very discouraged.  Additionally, I was convinced I wanted to undergo the Roux-en-Y, however, after attending my last support group, I found a lot of people my age have undergone the sleeve.  I'd be very interested in everyones opinion/experiences.  I have no co-morbidity's other than my weight.  I will be honest in saying I'm nervous about possible complications, however I am afraid the sleeve wouldn't be effective enough, nor long lasting.  Input, please!
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