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To drop 7lbs in 2weeks... I will be 150 then
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Surgeon Testimonial

Alfonso Torquati M.D., MSci
When I first meet him I thought is was nice and very young looking. After I talked to people that work with him, I feel a lot better. This staff is just friendly and clean.I found out that he has just been doing this for like 3yrs but he has been working with one of Vandy best Dr. I will have to anwser that after the surgery. After care is very important to them. Yes they have a very good structured after program. They let me know the risk uf surgery just straight up. It all has alot to do with the way you change. Over all I give him a 95 so far. All.
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  • Comment by DEALA M. 8/21/05 2:32 pm
    Hey Brandi, Congras on your surgery!! You will be just fine. I had it done, and it was the best thing I could have ever done for myself!!! God Bless you on this journey!!! Deala
  • Comment by Brandi J. 9/11/04 9:53 am
    Hello it's me Brandi J. All I have to say is God is a good God he is so cool. I had a great surgery. Everything went well. I was wanting to walk the first night, but they didnt want me to. The next morning this sister was walking an talking and I wasnt hooked up to anything. Thanks to Kim for checking on me.. I am doing blessed and I'm about to go walking again..Thanks for all your prayers and I know there is a GOd..
  • Comment by Jody 9/10/04 6:39 am
    Brandi, Congratulations on your surgery. May God be with you! Jody W.
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Patience, humility, and the willingness to ELIMINATE what isn't really working will FREE YOU UP!!! (Don't lose faith!) Remember that ups and downs,expanions and contractions will be apart of ANY life.......

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My Story

9/10/2012 Wow it's been awhile since I've posted anything alot has changed.. I celebrated my 8th year anniversary on 9/9/2012.. I'm very happy to say that I'm still at 164lbs and very happy. I have no complaints at all. I do have to walk and exercise daily to keep my weight down. This was not and never will be a quick fix it's a life long fit.. I'm so thankful to God for this surgery and for allowing this to help me change my life in so many ways. I hope all has been well with everyone and if anyone has any questions or just want to chat please feel free to contact me!!!!!  Be blessed... 

9/25/07  Goodmorning everybody!!!!!!!!!!!   I had some of my friend asking when was I going to update my page. I'm at work right now taking care of this. Not alot has really been going on with me health wise. God is still blessing and taking care of that. Im still at 150lb here I like to be. No other health problems really.. Just had to get some dental work done on last week. If you anyone has had a tooth ache I put it up there with having a baby almost. My marriage didn't work out after all. I guess we have just grew apart but its okay some days and then some days it's not. But it is what it is. I feel alot better about me now and everybody can't handle that. Some people even friends want you to stay totally the same and promise you won't and I'm not saying you will change to be a mean person or anything like that you will change and feel better in some areas and everyone IS NOT ready for that. My kids are good and both in school now. Im in physical fitness group at my church which is a lot of fun. I have 2 friends who have been by my side every day and I want to say thanks to Charmeka and Barbara with out you all I wouldn't be where I am today. Just for the support checking on me from time to time and getting me out the house. You both know what you do for me on a daily basics... I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks for giving me extra kids to love and for them to love me.......AW!!!!!! I have more kids now..... So everyone this is my update just thanking God for his goodness and mercy on me even when I don't do everything right he is still good to my kids and me...... Please email anytime if you would like to chat...

4/19/07 Hello everyone I really don't have much to write about today. So far everything is still going good with my health. I just have to start back moving around because I have been chilln since it's been a little cool around here. Things at home are going good my kids are blessed so I guess this is just a update to thank God for everything that is going right. I also want to take the time out to thank everyone that writes me it really means a lot. I keep saying Im working on something for all of us and Im just pray that God will take this idea he has birthed in me to another level that people all over our nation can be touched. In time they are going to see all of us!!!!!!!!!!! So keep being a LOSER....... Love you all

4/06/07  Hello Hello and Hello!! Im so happy that Im able to sit here today and update my page. The end of Feburary and almost the entire month of March I was in and out the hospital. I was in so much pain that I couldnt even eat . I was unable to have a bowel movement or pass gas.. Just think how that would feel. They ran so many test. They kept telling me they couldnt find anything wrong and that I look so good on the outside. I told them something is wrong with me. Finally after running more test they found out that I had a terrible COLON INFECTION that tried to take me out of here. I was in the hosptial a total of 8days and I ran a fever and they ran more test. When I saw the pictures you could just see all the infection. I thank God for allowing me to know that something was wrong with my body. This had nothing to do with my surgery it was caused by an bad antibiotic  that I was taking for a ear ache. This has taught me that Im 30 I cant do the samethings that I did when I was in my 20's. I have to do the right thing. So I want to give honor and glory to God for taking me threw this test because sometime after losing all this weight we can forget. So I told one of my friends God gave me a new Bowel system removing all that low selfesteem, not trusting people, jealousy, hate and etc.. Come on now we all have some of that in us.  I learned its not all about how you look on the outside..Get that inside together so it can shine on the outside...Lord I just want to thank you once again.. I hope someone gets something from this update.. Please hit me back.. Everyone have a Happy and Blessed Easter....Brandi

3/02/2007  Hello everyone I know its been a few days since I last posted a comment but I just got out of the hospital this Sunday and today is my first day back at work. I was admited Friday 2/23 and got out 2/25 and I was home with a little pain from time to time but running to the bathroom ALOT.. They thought that I had a bowel obstrution. But thank the Lord it wasn't that. It was a really bad case of being back up to the limit.....lolol but that is real talk.. Lord I have never been touched in that area this much in my entire life.. They had to do what was needed to get my system back to working. I couldn't pass gas or have a bowel movement and it didnt feel good at all either. So I want to Thank everyone at Vandy that was so nice to me during that time. I wasn't the happiest person dealing with all that but hey I want to live. So now Im on about 4 meds and I need to eat alot of fiber and drink plenty of water. That is something that I wasnt doing alot of from time to time to be honest. Im about to get off work at this time so I will finish either tonight or tommorow. Hope everyone has a great weekend and be safe .....Happy Brandi!!!!!!!!!!!!

2/15/2007  Today they closed school due to snow....And its none to be found now. ANyways Im home today with both of my kids and I decided that I need to really start back keeping in touch with the losers... Yesturday was an okay day for me I went totally out for Maurice and in return..( I'm not going to even say). :-(...... Enough on that. Im going to start back working out Monday. I just walk at a local mall in the mornings with my sister. I added some pictures this morning and some of them I can't believe I put on here but hey I have to keep it real about where I came from. Please feel free to write me if you would like. I plan on checking my email everyday now...Have a bless day and keep up the good work.....Brandi

Well today is a very cold day here in TN and I decided that I need to get back in touch with my losers. Life is going really well for me right now. My husband and I are trying really hard to make our marriage work... Boy can it be hard... Okay before I write a long story this is just a test to see where this is going to show up on my page because Im learning the new site.....Talk back soon.......Brand August 13,2004 my fiance and I just got back school shopping for our son. I asked my fiance to sit down an look at some of the pics on this site. He isn't that happy with me having this surgery, he thinks I am fine just the way I am. But I told him this time it's about how I feel about me. After looking over the site for about an hour, he is feeling a little better. Just scared that something really bad could happen to me. I know that God wants me hear to sing praises to him and someone's soul. I will write back after I hear back from the Dr's office on Monday. Have a great weekend......:-)

8-19-04 I got a call today at work and they want to change my surgery to 9-9-04. This is my mother's birthday. Everyone please pray for me. I am so scared ya. I know that God has a plan for my life and I will be great. I have to speak these positive thoughts to myself. I want to thank some very important people in my life. 1st my fiance Maurice having your support now means so much to me. My mother Ruth Johnson you always have been here for me even if you think what I am doing is crazy. My sisters and brothers I love each and everyone of you. To my ride or die friend Steph thanks for loving me fat or skinny(ok). To all my new friends on this site Ms.Jackson,thekat67 and everyone I hate to start naming I love you all and hope all is going well for each of you. I will make sure to post atleast once a week to keep you'll informed on my journey to the losing side.. Take care 22 days left to my surgery. Brandi

8-23-04 Goodmorning all. I just got off the phone with my Dr office. I have an appt with my Dr. on the 31st and I have some test that have to be ran on that day also. I can't eat anything after midnight. I am really starting to feel a lot better about all of this for some reason. I spoke with my pastor on Saturday and he told me that I have been doing good in having success in remodeling my life, and this was just another park of my doing that to the natural body. I have been going to church at( VI )which is Victory International Life Changing Ministry you will have success in remodeling you life. I am trusting and believing God that I will be just great after this surgery.Just had that on mind here at work.. everyone have a great day..

Well, I have 14 days until my new life on the losing side. I have been so busy this week. I had 2 Doctor appts on the same day 1 before work an 1 after. Next week and the week afterwards I have 7 visits some 2 on the same day and some not. I'm just ready for this to be over with and I am home with my family and healing well. I don't have anything bad to say this has been a blessed week . I do want to say hi to my friend Barbara who I forgot to mention the last time and Ramona and Vanessa. I have learned on the day of my surgery my mother, sister, Gwenell, Barbara and Kim T are coming with me. I don't know if Kim T is coming before or afterwards. I need to really thank my angel she answers all my questions when I email her at 12am or anytime, I went to the R.I.P. site on here. I will never look at that again. My hearts go out to all the family's that have lost a love one to the WLS or anything. I check back in next week.. Have a great day.

9-9-04 Goodmorning all. I can not email everyone back for all the prays and thoughtful things you have to say. So, I just wanted to say it here on my page. It means so much for people to take their time and pray for me. I am getting ready and I was a little nervous earlier this morning, but at this time GOd has let a peace come over me. I want to wish my mother Happy 61st Birthday and thank her for taking the time on her birthday to be with me at the hospital. This really means alot. To that great MAN in my life you have been there this entire time. Thanks for understanding that I need to do this for us and our kids. To my beautiful kids mommy will be able to play more after this. Kim T thanks for being my angel and talking to a sista about your journey. You don't know how much that has helped me to really go ahead with this.My bags are packed and I am ready to be a great loser. Never wanted to be this before in life. I am so happy to be one. To my church family at Victory International Life Changing Ministries that is in Madison,TN!!! Thanks for that pray last night. Your Angels an mine angels will be there with me the entire time. Let me get ready to drop the kids off. Everyone have a blessed day..

Brandi J

10-26-04 Goodmorning all. I am sorry that I haven't written in a while. 1st, I want to say thanks for all that everyone said to me before my surgery. Everything went very blessed. I was put back in the hospital about 2 weeks later for my own reasons. Other then that all was well. I have lost 39lbs to date. I have went down 2 sizes already and I am so happy.. I love all the attention that I have been getting. My husband will be better in do time. I think he is more scared and he has no reason to at all. I love him and my family with all my heart. I am going to try and update atleast once a month. Thanks and keep me in your prayers.. Brandi

Goodmorning all. I am hear to update you on my weight lost. I have lost 62lbs since my surgery. I feel so good. Last weekend I went to the bounce factory and skating with my kids an I had such a nice time. I played an played. My husband sat down for the 1st time ever. I feel real good. I have had a lack of b6 an b1 so they put me on medicne for that. Everything else is great.I am going to add a update pic here tonight hopefully. Please email me an keep in touch if you would like. If any one is about to have the surgery or have had it an need someone to talk to please feel free to contact me.. Have a blessed an Happy Holidays to you all..

Hello all, I know it has been a very long time since I last updated this page. Everything has changed in my life. I have lost a total of 87lbs. I'm now at 156lbs an loving every minute of it. I never get out of breathe or anything anymore. I love to go the malls all the time now. My husband is loving the new me. It was hard for him at first but now he is dealing with it alot better. Im doing great on my protein. I have a low iron problem, that I have to take medicine for every day. My kids love that I can skate an play with them more now. The men are a true trip. I use to go to the gas station an they would shut the door in my face, now they pay an pump gas..(hahaha this is really funny to me). If anyone has anything they want to ask me feel free to contact me. Have a great holiday an I eat safe. I know I havent been lately but Im going to get back on that real soon.. After the holiday... :-)

Aug 17, 2005
Well hello to all. I have finally reached my goal. I have lost a wonderful 100lbs. The day of my surgery I weight 247lbs and now Im down to 147lbs. I do not want to lose anymore. Im truely happy where Im at. I wear a size 8 an 10 most of the times. My kids love me having so much energy to play with them now. My mate is doing alot better also with the weight lost. At 1st it was very hard for him to deal with. Well, I will be posting some info real soon on something that Im working on for some people in our local area. So, please look out for that. An if any one wants or need to speak to me please feel free to email. I will get back with you ASAP.. Have a blessed rest of the week.....Brandi J.

September 10, 2006
Hello all. Long time no hear or see. Well yesturday was my 2nd Birthday to a new life. Things have been well for me. The last time I was here I weight 145lbs which I felt like I was to small. Im now at 153lbs and I love this size for me. I had my check up and things are going great . No more health problems. I do from time to time go on a candy binge which I have to get control of. hahaha!! You loose the weight but not the desire for certain foods. If anyone wants to chat please email and thank you all for looking at my page when you have time. I will be updating some pictures real soon. I love my WLS family......Brandi


Maurice and I then

Maurice and I now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Surgeon Info:
Surgeon: Alfonso Torquati M.D.
When I first meet him I thought is was nice and very young looking. After I talked to people that work with him, I feel a lot better. This staff is just friendly and clean.I found out that he has just been doing this for like 3yrs but he has been working with one of Vandy best Dr. I will have to anwser that after the surgery. After care is very important to them. Yes they have a very good structured after program. They let me know the risk uf surgery just straight up. It all has alot to do with the way you change. Over all I give him a 95 so far. All.
Insurer Info:
I feel they did a great job on all of this. The lady at the appeal office worked very fast on my behalf. I am so thankful to my insurance company for making this journey possible for me.