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have surgery and lose at least 100 lbs.
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Not have to worry about fitting in movie seats, booths, or an airplane
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Surgeon Testimonial

Brian Gluck
Dr. Gluck was straight and to the point, but yet kind. He told me right out that he might not be able to do my surgery if I had to much scar tissue and I just told him to do his best, well I had to have an extra hole in my stomach, but he got the job done.rn His bedside manners are great, likes to joke a bit and does it at the right time. rnrn All in all, I would recommend him to do surgery for anyone interested.
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  • Computer Games - is my favorite place to be when it's raining or dark outside.
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  • WLS in your 40's - Can't wait to be a LOSER!!!

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jeeplady98's Blog
jeeplady98's Blog

Sept. 2010 where has the time gone?
September 10, 2010 4:12 am

I am doing pretty good, I am at 175-176 and have been there for quite some time now..promised myself never to get over 180...I am going to start swimming in Oct. as much as 5 times a week. I really need to start excersing, I have an ab lounger..but its tucked away in my spare bedroom, I promised myself to get it out when school starts(was babysitting grandkids) and Hubby and I are here alone. I have yet to do that...I think I can..I think I can..I KNOW I CAN!!! I hope they don't cancell our meeting this month, was so looking forward to that last month, drove all the way there and it was cancelled and NOBODY called us..grrr. Any how, I just wanted to get some things off my chest and I am going right now to get the ab lounger out..will post how I did in a few days..Take Care all.


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It's MAY already
May 2, 2010 11:53 pm
Its a trying time for me right now, just lost a good friend on Friday, only 42 years old she was an inspriation to me, kept me going to my support groups.  I will keep going cuz she would be mad if i stopped!!
Then on Saturday I got a call from my girl friend, her husband just passed away, so really has been 1 rotten weekend, and I found out this is when I eat the most. God, Please give me the strength to get thru this, Amen.
  I am still within my goal weight, but noticed I have gained a couple pounds and I dont like that, cuz it could get out of control and I dont want that, I have worked to damn hard to throw it all away. So, I guess I need to get out and ride my bike with smiles cuz I know they both were saved and they are in a much better place, just too soon tho. I love you Trudi and Stan, I will never forget you!!
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New Grandson...yeah
February 12, 2010 10:32 pm
I finally got to change my pic. but still alot of them don't work.  I am still at my goal and feeling great.
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. Enjoy!!
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uploading pics is a pain
January 6, 2010 12:52 am
I can upload pictures, but to change my avatar is a pain, it wont let me, says its too big, but i know different. any suggestions?  Thanks in advanced.
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Jan. 2 2010
January 2, 2010 12:04 am
Hey all,

  Where did the year go? I am so excited about the new year, have new family added, new daughter in law with 3 more grandchildren, also new grandbaby in Nov. How sweet is that? 13 grandchildren in all now!!!
  I have been working alot, but I am now cutting my hours back for the winter, I want to take care of my hubby as he has had medical problems, hoping to get them taken care of soon, 3 drs appts this coming week.
  I feel great, down a total of 120 pounds, give or take 2-5 pounds.  I only hope the winter goes as FAST as the summer did.
Please say prayers for my hubby (Ron), as we go on to his drs appts.

Be Blessed,
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My Story

I have been heavy every since I can remember, I have gained and lost weight so many times I  believe I am a yo-yo. Just 8 years ago(Jan.2000), I went on the "Subway" diet.  For 8 months I ate, slept and drank Subway, yes indeed, breakfast lunch and dinner was nothing but Subway food, drank alot of diet coke to take the edge off the hunger. I actually lost 70 pounds. Then the end of Oct. I met my husband, he told me I didn't have to work if I didn't want, thought that was pretty special, so quit Subway and about 3 months after that, I started putting the weight right back on again.  I got up over 300# at one time, because my scale wouldn't register..found out it was because it only weighed to 300#. So went on another ''diet'' oh boy lost about 20 pounds so I could see when I got down below 300.  I weighed 287.5 last doctors visit and I am looking forward to my new life style.