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Teach my son good eating habits
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be healthy
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Lose 158 lbs
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Surgeon Testimonial

Thomas Sonnanstine M.D.
Dr. Sonnanstine seemed very self-assured that he is one of the best bariatric surgons. This is a very comforting feeling. He's very straightforward, and doesn't lead you to believe that wls will CURE your obesity. This is a lifestyle change and will require a huge commitment on your part. I was mildly discouraged when I first left the office, that this proccess isn't going to be as easy as I hoped, but I would rather discover that BEFORE surgery than after I wake up afterwards.rnrnThe staff is very friendly and helpful. I feel not like a \"consumer\" or like I'm just another patient coming through a revolving door. I feel respected and well cared for, and I would never hesitate to call the office with any questions I have.rnrnI actually feel like the staff REMEMBERS me when I go in, and Taryn is a wonderful part of the staff there.rnrnI would highly recommend Dr Tom to anyone!
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  • Comment by nukefive 8/21/07 4:37 am
    Kelly: I thought about you while at the gym on Monday. I hope your home from the hospital soon. Take care. Amy K
  • Comment by mimi4 8/20/07 1:39 am
    WELCOME TO THE LOSERS BENCH!!! I'm sure you are doing just fine. You are in great hands and I know that you have tons of support. Good me when you feel up to it. Mimi
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kellybell's Blog
kellybell's Blog

94 lbs and big problems

posted 3/15/09 3:03 pm
Ok, so I'm up to 94 lbs lost but I'm having serious problems. I haven't been able to keep ANYTHINGádown, food, water, SALIVA... nothing.

I'm hurtin bad! I'm gonna call the doctor in the morning and see if Iácan go in and get checked out.áI'm in some serious pain and Iáhaven't eaten anything all day long and can't even drink anything!!!!!!

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