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  • Cats - I have 3...CJ(the brat cat), Greaser(the fat boy) & Shadow(the baby)
  • Needlework, Knitting & Crocheting - I love to Cross Stitch
  • Music - I like all kinds of music...I listen to almost anything
  • Cooking & Baking - I am working on writing my own cookbook...going to revise it for post op recipes
  • Camping - My hubby and I camp all summer long
  • Fishing - Hubby and I like to rent pontoons to go fishing on local Lakes
  • Star Trek - Yes...I'm a!!!
  • Married - Met hubby online and been married 2 1/2 yrs
  • Gardening - I love to grow veggies, herbs, and flowers
  • WLS in your 30's - I hope to have my surgery this yearorI will need to change this to the 40's

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Nixie's Blog
Nixie's Blog

I had made 1 resolution for 2007. That was to lose 100 pounds. I was successful. I lost 130 pounds. That was the first resolution I'd made in years. I'd gotten tired of being a failure so I'd quit making them.

Since I was successful, I've decided to make more resolutions. So here goes. In 2008, I resolve to:

1. Lose another 50 pounds.
2. Get my teeth fixed.
3. Get a new computer (preferably a laptop).
4. Continue to eat healthy.
5. Exercise a little more.

I'm only making 5 this time. I do better now keeping the list small and sticking to what I know I can do.

Happy New Year!!! Everyone have fun and stay safe. Please don't drink and drive. (Now I sound like an after school special)
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I am having a total hysterectomy on Tuesday. Even though all the blood tests came back normal the doctor still thinks I may have cancer, but won't know for sure until he gets in there. He did some bladder testing on me and my bladder shows to be functioning almost normal, but he will put it in a sling to keep me from wetting myself everytime I sneeze. I will be in the hospital until Friday as long as everything goes well. I will have my best friend make a post in my behalf when I get out of surgery.
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I just got a call from the nurse at the gyno's office. She said that most of my test results are in and so far they are showing all the tumors to be benign!!!  whew! It is such a relief! There are still 3 of the 16 out, but should be in by the time I see Doc on Monday. I will update again after I talk to him on Monday. We should schedule my surgery then and I'll be able to give you all a date.
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Obstacles. We all run into them throughout our lives. Some are bigger than others. But we always manage to get past them or we wouldn't be here today.

I have run into one of the biggest obstacles I have ever experienced. I will prevail. I always do.

I have hit a huge stall in my weight loss. I had a medication that made me feel starved and I gained some weight. The medication was discontinued and replaced with a different one. I have lost what I gained, but have maintained from there. I may be losing more real soon, but not in a way that anyone would want.

I ran into some health issues and went to get some things checked out and it was discovered that I have numerous tumors on my uterus and ovaries. I have to have a hysterectomy. Before that's done, I need other tests first. I have had blood drawn for 16 different cancer tests and will be undergoing a genetic test as well. I will have the cancer results in 2 weeks and will then schedule the surgery. About the time that I have the surgery I will have blood taken to test for the BRCA 1&2 genes. They are breast cancer genes. 

I don't know how often I will post updates after surgery. I try now to make a post once a month, but not always successful at that.

I'm hoping, of course, that all the cancer tests come back negative and that I test negative for the BRCA 1&2 genes. In any case, this will be a hard road to travel and some hard decisions are in front of me. 

I'll post again in 2 weeks with the test results and surgery date.
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I've been waiting 2 weeks for it to get framed. I love the great job they did. It cost a pretty penny, but it was worth it. Before surgery I would have used that money to treat myself to restaurants and junk food. This is more satisfying and rewarding than that junk ever was. I can't wait to finish the next one and get it framed too.
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My Story

I dedicate my page to Mom. As early as I can remember she was always big. She always told me she wished she was as skinny and pretty as she was when she was younger. In my eyes she was the most beautiful woman alive. She was the first to mention to me about checking into WLS, but at that time I just wasn't ready. Mom had a long, hard battle with breast cancer and finally joined Dad on October 7, 2005. She and Dad were married 50 years and left behind a legacy that will live forever in the memories of her 9 living children, 13 grandchildren, and 1 great grandson. Mom, I miss you so much. I am finally ready and have started my journey. Please take the time to watch my slideshow. Share with me all the things I have to live for and all the reasons I have made my decision and check back often to walk beside me through my journey. I don't have many photos of all my family but give me time and I will add more as soon as I aquire them.

I HOPE YOU DANCE (by Lee Ann Womack)

I am a 39 yr old wife and mother. I have always struggled with my weight. I am physically and mentally tired of carrying all this weight. I am looking forward to having the surgery done so that I may have my life back. I used to enjoy going for long walks and riding my bike even though I was a little overweight. Now I'm alot overweight and can barely walk to the bathroom, let alone through a grocery store. I dream of the day I can walk to the store as well as through it...again. My sisters-in-law, Kelly and Josie, and my oldest sister, Bonnie have had WLS and are doing great!!



 The WeatherPixie          CenturyCardsig.jpg

I have been doing alot of thinking about the things that I want to do with the rest of my heres a list.

*walk thru the grocery without backpain   ***DONE 12-12-06***
*walk thru the mall without needing to sit down***DONE 2-11-07**
*walk to the grocery store***DONE 6-30-07***
*wash the dishes without the dishawashers (both the machine and DH)***DONE 5-1-07***
*buy clothes NOT made for plus sized women
*take a shower and shave my legs at the same time without taking breaks***DONE 5-1-07***
*go to culinary school/college
*get a job
*write a book/cookbook
*work in my own garden instead of telling someone else how to do it
*do basic yard myself
*do some special landscping with my myself
*get rid of seatbelt extension **DONE 3-1-07**
*go clubbing again/go dancing again
*wear something sexy for DH and feel sexy at the same time
*go fishing and camping and do more of the work than DH
*go to Kings Island with my daughter
*go to the zoo
*go to a museum
*sit in a camping chair without fear of it breaking***DONE 7-04-07***
*get my knee surgery***DONE 07-26-07***
*stand and walk without knee pain***DONE 08-09-07***
*ride a bike again
*complete a full workout at Curves
*ride a paddleboat
*use a kayak at my local lakes
*drive with the steering wheel tilted down instead of up   ***DONE 12-12-06***
*climb stairs instead of taking the elevator
*walk from the parking garage instead of being dropped off at the door or using valet service **DONE 3-1-07**
*participate in a walk-athon
*open my own business
*learn how to roller blade
*learn to swim
*learn to water ski
*ride a ski-doo
*ride a bike
*walk across the top of the 'Purple People Bridge' at the Tall Stacks Festival in 2009 (Cincinnati)

There may be more added as I go through my journey... please keep checking back. And thank you for visiting my page.

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