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Ravindra Mailapur
Dr. Mailapur has been awsome to work with during this process. I decided in May of 2006 that I wanted to pursue having the Roux en Y surgery and attended Dr. Mailapur's seminar for more information. From the first time I shook his hand I knew he would be my surgeon of choice. He has been very thorough in explaining every detail of the surgery, and in answering every question my wife and I had. His care has been nothing short of perfect and I would do it all again today. I am just over 2 weeks post-op as of this writing and could not feel better about my decision...not only to have the surgery, but to have chosen such a wonderful surgeon. Thank you Dr. Mailapur for giving me my life back. I will be forever grateful.
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My WLS experience

Are these scales right?
July 23, 2007 9:48 am
If my scales are to be believed, I have lost 123 pounds as of today.  That's 123 pounds gone in 161 days.  Simply amazing and very hard to wrap my mind around.  I still see myself as that very overweight man struggling to get through the day.  But the changes are becoming very obvious, even to me.  

My wife and I are in the midst of doing some big home repairs, and it sure is nice to be able to get things done.  Wallpaper removal, painting, and coming soon, a tile floor for our master bath.  I am planning on handling the labor myself...unheard of 6 months ago.  

I have my 6 month check-up in a few weeks and my unofficial goal of losing 125 pounds is definately within reach.  Keeping my fingers crossed for no plateaus or gains before my appointment.

New photos coming soon.
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Hungry all the time
July 12, 2007 9:34 am
Lately, I find that I am hungry seemingly all the time.  I am not giving in to temptation to overeat, but it's a real change from what it has been like since surgery.  I have been enjoying Mexican food quite a bit over the past 3 weeks.  I usually order one beef enchalada (I discard the tortilla) and add salsa to the beef, cheese and sauce.  Very satisfying.  I have also had incredible cravings for hot dogs and mustard, so I have enjoyed those lately too.  And Campbell's Beef soup has been a staple of my diet recently.  Still having trouble with chicken and pork.  Today I tried ribs and could only eat 1 1/2 ribs before feeling like it was getting stuck.  I was in mild pain for about 20 minutes before I felt it move on through and then I was fine.

My new nicknames are "skinny" and "narrow" around my work, which suits me just fine.  For many years I've been known as big Stu, so the change is refreshing.

I am down between 110 and 112 pounds scale is wavering now that I'm in the transition area on the balance scale.  Still feeling great.
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