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How are you feeling lady? Any better? This is such a emotional...

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I am also having my wls in Dec 7th. Read, read and more reading...

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Just like everyone, once I got my date I have been planning, packing, cleaning and making sure my family was set as well for my surgery date, Nov 22nd. You get emotionally ready, physically read and drive everyone around you a little crazy.

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I am no expert but I am glad you are sharing. A lot of what you are...

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I love you use name Crystalcandoit and yrs you can! You are proving...

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That is Wonderful! Realizing you need help is sometimes the...

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Oh let the whining start.

First let me say I am very greatful to be approved for the surgery and the chance at a healthier thinner life.

Second, I am hungry. I just completed week one of the Opti Fast. Out of 2 and half weeks. I h

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My daughter is on graphic design program. She is often at the...

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Hello Sassy! I am not much help at this point. I have surgery on...

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I am glad to hear it. Mine would come and go until I could not...

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Hang in there. I had my gallbladder removed years ago. It's...

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Hello Kal My surgery date is Nov 22nd and I am not really nervous...

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Congrats on the November 8th date! I am excited for you. We look...

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That call finally came!

I am having surgery on Nov 22nd. I start Optifast on this Saturday, Nov 4th. It was suppose to be a 3 week Optii but the say my liver is fine so they are cutting it to 2 and a half weeks. The girl I talked to wasn't s

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Hello team!

First, thank you for always been so kind.

While I am sitting here trying to wait patiently for a date I have been reading all your posts and list AKA trying to prepare for the best and worst.

Another question: Whil

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Hello ladies and gents.

Hamilton is my hospital but it is almost two hours from me. Does anyone know of a group near the city of London or surrounding cities?

I did send a email to one group but it seems like it has died since I neve

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This is wonderful and uplifting to me. I have not had my surgery yet...

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I am a newbie here but also very excited to be here.

I was approved last month for St Joe's in Hamilton and I am waiting on that magic date, phone call so I can do pre op and get started. I received my reference in Janurary of

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