My name is Amy Williams. I have come a long way since my appearance on MTV's True Life "I'm Obese". If you have not seen the video, the video is below. I'm over 7 years post-op. 
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Entertainment Tonight 2004
Local CBS update 2006 Click here to see video

Webpage Dedication

When I started looking into WLS, I was not very serious about it. I felt I would die from it and it scared me. One day while watching the Oprah Show, Oprah had a man on that weighed 863 pounds at one time. He had lost over 600 pounds from the gastric bypass. The surgeon only gave him a 40% chance to live. To see that he made it thru the surgery and was able to change his life is such an inspiration to people that are super morbidly obese. The sad part was not many months later "Big" Pete passed away from congestive heart failure. This man has changed more lives then he may never know about and I dedicate this page to him....Please look him up on this site
Peter Herida

List of things I want to do
1. Drive Done!
2. Wash dishes without my back hurting Done!
3. Stand for over 10 minutes Done!
4. Walk to the bathroom without getting winded Done!
5. Tie my shoes Done!
6. Go to walmart and pick something off the rack Done!
7. fit in a regular bathroom stall instead of the handicap one Done!
8. take a shower standing up Done!
9. take a shower with hubby again! woohoo Done!
10. just get out of the house and not be ashamed Done!
11. go back to college or get a dream job Done!
12. be able to sit in a chair with arms Done!
13. clean the whole house in one day (like I use to) Done!
14. walk a mile Done!
15. go to the Y and swim Done!
16. go to the mall and hang out Done!
17. see a movie in the threater Done!
18. go on a cruise
19. go snorkling
20. get rid of wheelchair Done!
21. go to my 10 year HS reunion Done!
22. have a make over Done!
23. be under 300 pounds Done!
24. plant a garden  2/24/08 I have an indoor garden!  Done!
25. buckle seat belt without extentions Done!
26. go to church Done!
27. jog, skip, run Done!
28. dance Done!
29. go to glamour shots Done 5/26/07
30. be able to wear sexy underwear instead of "granny panties" LOL Done!
31. Go to Disneyworld Done!
32. see a broadway show
33. fly on a plane Done! 3/05/2006
34. be able to walk on the beach and put my feet in the sand, feel the waves on my feet Done! 3/12/2006
35. get a manicure and pedicure Done!
36. be able to get my hair "professionally cut" FIT IN THE CHAIR! Done!
37. buy regular shoes for women Done!
38. wear jeans Done!
39. Go to someone's house with out the fear of breaking toilet, or furniture Done!
40. Speak in front a large crowd Done!
41. Be in a magazine Done!
42. Spread more awareness for Lymphedema Done and still doing it!
43. Help advocate for other people that are obese and need help Done and still doing it!
44. Run a support group Done!


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Aug 13, 2002
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November 2003; Before being on MTV's True Life
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I've got my life back, no more wheelchairs! I've lost 411 pounds!!

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