Robert G. Martindale

"<center><IMG SRC=""></center> 12/02/05 I recently emailed Dr. Martindale to see how he's doing. He was so nice as always. This man is amazing. I can't even imagine someone so thoughtful and passionate about a field like this, but he his truly devoted to helping those people like myself who have lost all hope of living anymore. I just hope he know's what a difference he's made in so many people's lives. <center><IMG SRC=""></center> 4/15/2005 I went to see Dr. Martindale for the last time before he leaves for his new job in Oregon. I will miss him so much. I gave him a heart shaped box filled with Hersey kisses. I told him at this point I had lost 250 pounds. I had counted out the kisses and give him one for each pound I had lost. This man is amazing. He's been such an inspiration in all that he does for other. He took on my case when no one else would do it and for that I can't thank him enough. He's saved my life and my husbands. I can't ever repay someone for doing something so special for me. Dr. Martindale will be grately missed at MCG. What a shame to lose such a special surgeon. <center><IMG SRC=""></center> 2/16/2004 I will have to tell you. I've been to now going on my fourth surgeon. Up to this point I was not 100% impressed with the ones that I had gone to. There was something about each one of them that held me back from wanting them to do surgery. I feel extremely BLESSED to have Dr. Martindale as my soon to be surgeon. This man is HIGHLY educated in this field. When we came in to meet me he was very friendly and kind. I felt like he was concerned about me. You could tell from the way that he talked about this that it was a passion for him to help people. He gave time for me to ask questions and did so very wonderfully. He made me feel very good knowing he deals with many patients that are over 500 pounds and has a true concern for those super obese. There are NOT many in this field that will even do surgery on someone these sizes, yet he takes the chance and helps us. What a man! Just to tell you some pluses. He takes the gallbladder out during surgery, he said it only take 3 minutes while your there. I said what about insurance, he said he doesn't charge them for it. He's done over 500 bariatric surgeries dealing with mostly high risk patients. He said to keep in mind he also does other surgeries such as hernia repairs, and other gastrointestinal surgeries, as well as be a professor, and he goes to other countries donating his time to help the less fortunate. He's done maybe 50 patients under 500 pounds the rest where over 500 pounds. He said the average BMI is 60, whereas most are around 45. I felt a huge relief that he's so experienced with high weights. The highest weight he did was over 900 pounds. I asked him about deaths. He has not had a patient die on the OR table. He has however lost 7 patients and he went into full details of each one, he said that patients had died anywhere between 8weeks to a year for various reason. He's only had 3 leaks. I asked him about certain patients and he remembered each one of them. That said a lot. Anyway I spent an hour and a half with him. He also knows and understands about my lymphedema. He felt that I would lose a good bit of weight from therapy. I could tell how he spoke that this was a passion. He said he does this surgery to save people's lives and give them life back. I fell in love with him. While he was talking to me I could see a glow around him. It was the most amazing experience, when we left I KNEW it was right and had major relief. I fully trust him and would put my life in his hands. <center><IMG SRC=""></center> 8-18-2003 I orginally went to Dr. Gooden in Augusta. He said that he didn't have an OR table big enough for me. Dr. Goodens staff was fine, I just wish someone there would have asked prior about my weight instead of waisting my time and the surgeons time. I was disappointed. This is just my opinion I would not recommend some to go to this surgeon. I was not impressed with his office or how his program was set up for the obese. I am now going to see Dr Burrowes in Atlanta on the 29th of October. <center><IMG SRC=""></center> 10-7-2003 I went to a Siminar for Dr. Duncan. I will say that I was quite impressed with this man. He is very smart, and had great dry humor! I would recommend him to anyone. His program is very well set up and he took the time after the siminar to talk with me personally. He only now does the Lap RNY. He does however have associates that do the open percedure too. I sent my packet to them and I'm suppose to go see him on November 20th. Provided I pick him to do the surgery. <center><IMG SRC=""></center> 10-29-2003 Dr. Burrowes was a very informative, and smart man. The longer I sat and spoke to him the more I understood that he does this surgery for the soul reason to give someone their life back. His office was very nice. You can park on the 3rd level in the parking garage and go across the cross walk into the office building. Take the elevators to the 5th floor. It's not very far to walk. His office had chair with and with out arms. As a very comfortable couch. His staff was very kind and took their time with me. Once I got in the office I didn't wait to long. I was then taken back to get weighed and also they take your picture with some measurements. They had no problems with my husband accompanying me back there. We then watched a couple of videos. Dr. Burrowes is a huge fan of the Fobi pouch, which was designed by a surgeon in California (Mathias A. L. Fobi). ( I knew going in that he was liked this percedure over the others. If you want to have that done you will have to pay out of pocket $4500. I told him that I could not get the funding for that and would prefer just the RNY without the Fobi. He had NO PROBLEM doing that. Infact he does SIX percedures. RNY, VBG, LAP-BAND, D/S DUODENAL SWITCH, and FOBI POUCH. He said that most insurance will only pay or allow the VBG and RNY. Any other would be out of pocket expense involved. My overall view of Dr. Burrowes was very impressed. He's definately on the HIGH end of the scale. His death rate is very low and he had done over 1000 of this surgery. He took the time to answer all my questions. He doesn't want an answer that day. He told me again all the risks involved. I got a very thick aftercare booklet that explained what I will be able to eat, things to expect, a long list of potential problems that can be resolved by the patient to cut down on calls to his office. It listed ideas for meals. I was extremely impressed. It also described what to expect 1-4 days. I guess what I most impressed about is how he does the percedure. He does it open with an incision of 2-3 inches long!! I know that he is a very skilled surgeon and feel this will be the one for me. <center><IMG SRC=""></center> 11-20-2003 Well, I decided to go see Dr. Duncan today. Just wanted to feel him out too. I was very disappointed. I knew before I went that he doesn't want you to gain weight, but he wants you to do that for 90 days supervised BEFORE he will do surgery. I understand him wanting to shink the liver, but when I've been trying to diet since May this made me somewhat upset. I've been doing all I can. Not to meantion I was told on the phone that Dr. Duncan would be there. NOPE! He had an associate take a look at all of us. I was told one on one and I'm very upset that I went 150 miles to not ever see the surgeon. Total waste of my time. The staff is friendly, but people need to be told before hand the truth. </font> <center><IMG SRC=""></center></center> "

Christopher Ewart

"Dr. Ewart is young, but he is quite experienced and knows his stuff. I was EXTREMELY impressed with his knowledge of the most up to date information in plastic surgery. He is ASPS certified and has experience with those who've had massive weight loss. I was of course happy to know he knew my surgeon and helped him over the years with both studying under him with general surgery (He learned from the best), but also that he has taken on helping those with massive skin issue. It takes a great person to do this. I had a good feeling that he is passioniate about helping and finds great joy in assisting people like myself get their body to match their mind. That is kind of what he said when we talked. I'm impressed with his sincere concern for his work and detail. He made me feel very at ease. He took his time with me and answered all my questions and concern. I appreciate that I didn't feel rushed. Check out their website for more information I hope that in the future I'll be having some of my reconstructive surgery with Dr. Ewart. "

Water Sensations

"I was thrilled about this product. It was just as advertised. You don't have to do much mixing or any and it mixes in the water. The water stays clear after mixing. The best part unlike Crystal Light you don't have to keep trying to mix it over and over to get the powder to dissolve. Also I was very surprised at the price difference here in Georgia. It was a good dollar cheaper than Crystal Light. It has NO calories compared to Crystal Light, which is 5 calories per 8oz. I tried the Grape and LOVED it. I'm VERY picky about what I'll drink and this stuff was great. Excellent Flavor! I hope in the future they make it better for mixing in pitchers, they did have instructions for mixing more than a 16.9 water bottle, but I could really see myself using this all the time. I gave out samples at my support group from my box I bought. I really liked that is had 12 per box, just another added value! I would recommend this product to anyone."

True Lemon/Lime

"I didn't really like the True Lemon in just water without adding to it. I used 1 packet and 2 splenda's to get the taste that I like. I know some people like a more lemon or sour taste, I like mine somewhat sweeter. The splenda make it taste fine. I'm going to try it in cooking next. The company was nice enough to send additional ones for my support group to try also, plus additional coupons. They were very helpful and I'll be sure to continue buying this product in the future."

Medical College of GA

"I think that the nurses where wonderful for the most part, I did have some minor issues. It would have been nice if the residences and nurses where more knowlegable about Gastric Bypass. I think that would have not caused as many problems. The students that came around where great. My surgeon is certainly the best over all. The student nurses where wonderful."
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