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I have been reading posts about people gaining weight a number of years after their WLS, and I'm wondering what people have experienced in the degradation of the malabsorption ability. I recently read a post where an RNYer noted about 18 months to 2 mo

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Question about amount of Calcium - I had the Sadi and take much less calcium than most, generally 1 time per day at 600 units. Recently I found a 1,200 units version at CVS and started using sling that.

My blood work is fine but urine test show

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I was bitten by a brown recluse about 3 weeks ago with just a small bite at first. After 2 days I was worried about losing my leg. Anyhow, I started on heavy antibiotics which after 3 weeks has things under control. The odd part is I lost about 8 lbs w

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I generally eat way too many carbs throughout the day which causes gas but usually much more so in the evening.

The one consistent gas issue I've had in the 3 years since WLS is that laying down at night for bed always starts a gas machine for

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