Its my Surgiversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 22, 2009

Hello friends and family in the OH world and beyond. Well it is a year. One whole year and one whole person shed off my back or at least the pounds are!!!! 10/23/2008 - 10/23/2009 HAPPY SURGIVERSARY!
I cannot believe it is here. That I journeyed this far with minimal to no complications, a few tears, and well shock. It's daily shock to see all that has changed in me. My body is a foreign land right now. I do not know that woman staring back in the mirror. But I like her and I know I am going to love her. I will never regret this decision to have the RNY, I did wonder many many times along the way. But as scary as it was I have to thank the support people who helped me and nudged me into the success I am now. There were some skeptics, always are, I think they help keep you balanced. My family was up and down, a few jokes from my brother's and dad, but I am used to that. My husband has had the hardest time adjusting and we are adjusting together because I am NOT the same woman he met and married. He liked that "fluffy" me. Most black men do. no pun intended. He says who is this woman walking around my house and sharing my bed I do not know her. He actuallly liked/loved the 315# pounder with the bipap mask on that used to sleep next to him( HE THOUGHT THAT WAS SEXY LOLOL), he loved the woman who could not go up the stairs, used to push me from behind, wipe my tears when I could not fit in the seat at the front of the roller coaster that he and our son and dtr's enjoyed, he would look back to see if I was OK  walking up a hill or stairs, often trailing behind, unable to go on the zip line on a cruise excursion because I exceeded the weight limit. Well NO MORE of that....Now I am thinner than him and he has to catch up!!!!! I have been on many roller coaters this past year the biggest one has been on my own Weight loss journey and let me tell you its been a hell of a ride. I would do it again to see me now. The finished product. 140 lbs, size 6-8 and I am GORGEOUS!!!
God bless all of you who are taking the journey, thinking about taking it or already there. God Bless all of you for all your hugs and encouragement you have shown me, my co-workers , the doc's and nurses, who have endured the belching and gas bubbling, my crazy meals and meal times and all the pictures I keep showing, God Bless my family and friends who have supported this Giant task I had to do and may God bless my mommy who never got to see the finished product of me. I don't even fit into her clothes anymore but I wear them still because they smell like her and are my comfort each and every day. Love you Mommy Look at me now. LOOK AT ME NOW!!!!!!!!! :)
Tonight I will be meeting many members of the OH family at the New York event. Tomorrow I will be sashaying up the runway in the Fashion Show to my theme song Gorgeous from Idina Menzel and I cant wait to have some fun. Time to celebrate us and me and its gonna be just great! What a perfect way to celebrate my year anniversary!
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Bariatric Reunion 2009

Oct 02, 2009

10/2/09 Tonight is the Bariatric Reunion hosted by our Surgeons and staff in Tarrytown NY. This is a tribute to all the patients past , present and even future, young, old, sisters, fathers and daughters, husbands and wives, all shapes and sizes.
The place was very nice. The people very friendly. Looking around you just were not sure who is thepatient who is the support person. All sizes and shapes of people, all of us celebrating and smiling. Dressed up for a nice night of fun.
I went with Janice my support person, very dear friend and future bypass patient, her surgery will bein January2010. Janice has been with me every step of the way, meetings, appts, day of surgery and so on.Greg my husband also by my side. I am excited and nervous. Not sure what to expect but going looking pretty. New dress. New hair. New body. I did not prepare the shoes or jacket right...who would of thought your feet get smaller too! Dress size 8! Oh how great is a size 8!!!
Sign in, grab a table. looking around everyone looks so nice. Outside Crystal light fountains, cucumbers and tomatoes with hummus...yummy. Dinner chicken, lentils, beans and salad with oil&vin. (did not get to eat much of this being in the fashion show, I missed out on the meat, non left) So nice to have this all prepared for us, what we can eat, not having to explain to the waiter or manager portion size etc. Dessert fresh fruit with Sugar Free chocolate dipping sauce and the most incredible vanilla, choc layered mouse/parfait ever with just a hint of PB and a dollop of whipped cream. Now what I also love is the way the food is timed. Over a 3 hour period. This is the way we eat. Slowly, portions, control our new way of life. Splenda, Equal, Sweet and low. No Sugar anywhere sorry greg. That was kind of funny.
The DJ a former patient.
Fashion show........Before pictures and then the TADA moment out we come and smile wide! This is our success. My number is 23, What is with this number. Everything this year was number 23, Mind you the names are in alphabetical order and still I got 23. Crazy. Met lots of nice people on line waiting ot go out. Pictures taken and posted on facebook and here. I am so proud of me. I am so many emotions as I wait and look around at everyone and share their success as well as my own. 'dancing not too much just the right amount and I am not winded, my knees held up this is great.
Thank you Dr. Cerebona and staff for a wonderful night to celebrate us. I am so filled with emotions and I am so very happy to share these moments with you.
Next event...the OH conference 10/23 & 24....see 23 there is is again and that is my surgiversary
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