Nicole P.
Cross Plains, TN, USA
Consult w/Surgeon Scheduled - BMI: 52.0
Member ID: P1046141236
Surgeon: Lindy Hruska

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I would just like to say that I have read alot of profiles today and you folks give me faith. I hope that someone will read what I have to say and feel the same. I am very excited about the prospect of being healthy and having a future with my husband and children. I want to see them grow up and I want to grow old with my husband. That will not likely happen if I don't loose my weight. I recently got out of the hospital, after experiencing chest pain and shortness of breath. I was told there are two main contributing factors, my weight abd smoking. I am going to quit smoking, but I have severe depression and I am an emotional eater. So, now I am hoping to be on the way I NEED to be. I love my family and I love myself, I am just unsure of any other way than this to make me happy with myself. I have tried every diet you could imagine, I have even resorted to some really awful things. But I had given up on trying anything, until I saw a story on TV about a girl just like me. But she died and I don't want to make my children motherless and my husband a widower. I love them all too much for that and whereas, I love myself, I don't like myself. Maybe some of you know what I mean, but there are very few who actually do. unless you have worn this brand of shoe, it is almost impossible. I pray that I can and will be approved and that I can be saved, it is my life, my future, and my happiness, I am thinking about and why I am pursuing this.

Member Interests:
  • Cats - I have three, Dora, Oddball, and Munchkin!!!

  • Movies - I love to watch any type of movies.

  • Music - I like all kinds of music, depending on my mood.

  • Collectibles - I collect angels, anything with cats, windchimes, and perfume.

  • Miniatures - I build doll houses in miniature, I also have a large collection of furniture.

  • Scrapbooks - I have a scrapbook for everything, each one of my children have one.

  • Beadwork - I love to do crafts, and I enjoy giving them to family and friends.

  • Married - I have the best support system in my hubby, he is my strength and grace.

  • Sports Cars - I love the old muscle cars, when cars were made of real metal!!!

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    Surgeon Info:
    Surgeon: Lindy Hruska
    I meet with the surgeon staff and hospital staff tomorrow. I will update then.
    Insurer Info:
    TennCare Select BC/BS
    I am hoping and praying through all of this that this new insurance will be faster and easier to deal with. From what I hear it is. I am in desperate need of this surgery. I just had a huge scare and landed in the hospital for chest pains and difficulty breathing. I have two children and I deserve to live to see them grow up and become wonderful people. Good luck to all of you who are on your journey, starting your journey, or getting your journey to the peak.