Jacalyn P.
Westport, CT, USA
Post Op - BMI: 36.6
Surgery Type: RNY
Member ID: P1050798494
Surgeon: Ralph Crum, M.D.

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Surgeon Info:
Surgeon: Ralph Crum, M.D.
Dr.Crum is an excellent surgeon. My decision to have the surgury was less complicated because I felt complete confidence in his ability. Janette was wonderful with the insurance aspect. Now that I am over two months post-op I can confidentially say it was the best desicion that I could have made. Dr. Crum was honest in explainations and all aspects have been consistent with his consult. Overall I give him an A++++.
Insurer Info:
Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Insurance was completely cooperative. The doctors office took care of everything once I supplied weight history and suplemental information regarding co-morbidities. Highly recommend.