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Obesity & Me

Describe your behavioral and emotional battle with weight control before learning about bariatric surgery.

I've been an up-and-down weight gainer since I was 18. The weight comes on while I'm in a relationship and comes off when I'm single, seemingly regardless of what I do. Well, I'm married now... I had to learn to be ok with myself whether I was fat or overweight or whatever was going on. I have great self esteem now, and feel in a great position to get this weight thing under control. I DO want to feel and be healthy. I'm afraid to keep doing what I've been doing, since that hasn't worked, long term. Hence... surgery to help get me on top of things.

What was (is) the worst thing about being overweight?

The worst thing about being overweight is that for me, my weight has contributed to sleep apnea, pre-diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. It's also just in the way. I can't breathe when I'm trying to do anything physical. And that's just not fun.

If you have had weight loss surgery already, what things do you most enjoy doing now that you weren't able to do before?

I'm looking forward to being able to do more physical stuff.

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