Add Your Surgery Date And Procedure

In the ObesityHelp community, it is pretty common to see one of our members sharing some kind of news or update about their journey.  One that we always look forward to is the very excited, "I got my date!" post.  So if you just got your date and you are here to figure out how to add it to your message board posts and blog, let us first start by telling you... Congratulations!  We wish you the best on your journey in health and wellness. 

Add Your Surgery Date(s) - Go to My OH, Medical History


On the Surgeries Tab, Select either Bariatric or Plastic Surgery - then "add surgery"


Fill out the form with your information: Surgery Type, Date, Surgeon and any notes that you want to save.


To have your date show with your posts, make sure "check" primary procedure. Then click "Save".


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