Easy Cheesy Spaghetti Squash Recipe, very filling & satisfying!

Have you prepped a protein for the week yet? Spaghetti squash – is the perfect plant to pair grass-fed ground beef. One cup is only 31 calories, 7 grams carbohydrate, and 2 grams fiber. And…it’s extremely filling! I don’t think of it as a swap for spaghetti, because it doesn’t taste like it (to m...

Tackling Weight Regain After Bariatric Surgery with PRIDE

My story, I imagine, might have elements similar to many of yours. Throughout most of my life, I wou...

Before & After VSG with MeMySleeveAndI, losing 122 pounds!

Why I Decided to Have WLS The first time I remember struggling with my weight was probably around n...
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  • Oh boy!


    I have so much to say and so much to share but where do I start lol. This weight loss journey has had its ups and downs. I will begins to say I had the surgery done July 3 (day before my bir...

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  • Can't stop snacking!


    I've been snacking all day. At least it feels that way. Not even really hungry, just peckish and unsatisfied with my meals. It's frustrating and stressful because I'm calorie and macronutrie...

  • Unexpected issue


    This is not a bad thing, but it's not the fun part of weight loss either. However, I have decided that I'm going to post the "bad" as well as the good in case it can help someone else. With ...

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  • Original Obesityhelp Post



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  • To share or not to share.


    I really wanted to share my story, I got super excited and then cold feet set in.. So short version update.  What have I  been up too? Working, taking photos, LOTS of dancing,lol. I eat what...

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  • I'm new here


    Hi my name is Melinda, I am starting with my journey to get my surgery I have been the program a little over three months. My questions are what do I expect from surgery? I met with my surge...

  • February 2019 Progress Report: Aqua therapy & PT Evaluation


    Walking & marching laps around the small four foot deep pool at the therapy center and I managed to do seven laps on my first attempt last Saturday! A  tremendous workout and achievement...

  • NSV: Clown Pants Edition


    I am feeling simultaneously delighted and dismayed at having the cull my wardrobe to remove trousers that are too big. Yesterday morning, I put on a pair of slacks and my wife said, "uhh.. t...

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  • February 13, 2019 -225lbs


    a friend and I decided to see if we could lose 1 lb. a week with 1 year goal loss of at least 52 lbs.  we hope to achieve this goal by making small changes to our diets to reach our goals.  ...

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  • 02.12.2019 - Wow


    Had a random thought I figured would be appropriate for this forum and realized I hadn't posted in years. As I sat here watching "teevee" as I am famous for calling it. Eating that second sp...

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