Premier Protein Pumpkin Cheesecake Mousse Recipe

This post is sponsored by Premier Protein®. There’s something about the taste of pumpkin and the aroma of pumpkin spices that brings on the warm fuzzy feeling of home, family, and friends. The fragrant spices and flavors are a favorite seasonal addition to so many households at this time of year....

Before & After VSG with Melissa, losing 109 lbs!

Why I Decided to Have WLS I was very thin, I was a size 0 in my senior year of high school. However...

5 Ways To Get Back On Track After Bariatric Surgery

Have you been overindulging? Are your “cheats” becoming more frequent or have your portions gotten b...
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  • And The Beat Goes On... Revision AGAIN!?

    Tiff tells all

    I've managed to drop almost 15 lbs since we've moved to paradise. The active ocean and beach lifestyle compliment my weight loss efforts. Snorkeling, swimming, paddleboard, kayaking. I'm kee...

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  • November 12 - 2018 - Start Optifast

    Lana C.

    As of this morning, I am officially on my way to my new "birth"day, December 3, 2018.   On that day, I will undergo RNY surgery and be well on my way to my new body, my new life, my new ever...

  • 12 years!


    I could have sworn I wrote something at my 10 year mark but apparently not.  But at least here I am now :-)   Since it's been four years since I've written I guess I have a bit to update.  A...

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  • Moved...


    So I've moved my blog to somewhere a little more accessible: Update Nov 2 2018: I keep changing the name of this blog!  Hopefully this will be...

  • Final Pre-Surgery Appointments


    Yesterday I had my final WLS appointments, prior to surgery. I was at the WLS center for over 4 hours. Here is summary of each appointment: Surgeon Visit- Found out that I'm the first surger...

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  • New insurance....


    I am so disappointed right now. I am 4 years out from surgery and I have continued heartburn.  I eat tums like candy and the heartburn medication I take does not help. I am looking into revi...

  • What procedure to get?


    I’m having a difficult time deciding which surgery procedure is right for me... any advice?? What have been your experiences- the good, the bad, the ugly? thanks!...

  • I'm back.......OB VSG


    Okay, it has been a minute since I have been on here. My weight update is that I am at 252.7 as of Sunday, November 4th. I have been trying not to weight myself everyday because I have been ...

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  • SO much has happened this year!


    2018 will definitely be a year of HUGE events in my life! In May, I had subchondroplasty surgery on my right knee (they drilled holes in my bones and filled with stuff to strengthen my bones...

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  • Back on the wagon!! Contrave added to my regiment


    The last 3 months have been a trip. I had a 6 week plateau and when I finally started losing weight again, I gave into the monsters in my head and ate and drank anything that fit in my mouth...

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