Developing a Healthy Relationship with Food Through Self-Questioning

Do you have a healthy relationship with food? Check out how you can develop a healthy relationship with food: Everyone has thought about their weight and body image from time to time. During the past year, under the pandemic restrictions, many of us have become even more familiar with ourselves. In the process, you may ...


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Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery Forum (RNY)
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What’s on your Wednesday menu?

Hello and good mornin menu friends! Hope that you’re doing well. My mom has a doctors appointment today with her GP. Other than that not much planned today. Hoping to cut back my calories today a little more than yesterday. I start my Effexor today. There was a little hiccup…

Melody P.

Weight Loss Surgery Forums
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What helps you stay accountable?

I recently shared that I have a surgery date next month. My nerves are through the roof but at the same time I am unbelievably excited. For those of you that already had weight loss surgery, I was wondering what helps you to stay accountable the most? Support groups, an…


Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery Forum (RNY)
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What’s on your Tuesday menu?

Good mornin menu crew. Yesterday was a rough day and I had a meltdown. I’m ok-ish today but still kind of reeling in my head. Just lots of emotional stuff related to my weight stuff. I’m not giving in though. Today is a new day. I’ve got my mammogram today…

Melody P.

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Forum (VSG)
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Does hunger really go away?

Hi everyone! I’m new to the sleeve having had my lap band removed recently. My sleeve surgery is in late July. My question to the group is does the sleeve really feel different than the lap band or not having any surgery at all? I’ve heard this, but I’m wondering…

VSG | Jul 26, 2021 | Bariatric Surgeon: Dr.

Duodenal Switch Forum (DS)
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Need Help!

Hi I had the Duodenal switch back in 2007 and have always had problems with being Anaemic after the surgery and my hemoglobin levels are real low. I was told by the people I get my vitamins from that I shouldn't be taking my iron pills with any other vitamins…


Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery Forum (RNY)
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What’s on your Monday menu?

Good mornin menu friends! Hope that you’re all well! Lots to do today. We have to go look at washers and dryers either today or tomorrow. Our washer is going out and our dryer is from the mid to late 80’s…on its last leg too. I also have an appointment…

Melody P.

Black American Forum
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Tulsa, OK soonercare

Hello everyone I'm wanting to know if anyone had vsg while on medicaid/soonercare in the Tulsa, OK area? If so who was yo primary doctor and who was the doctor that did the surgery. I have heard some things on here about a bariatric clinic in Owasso but im not…


Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery Forum (RNY)
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What’s on you Saturday menu?

Good mornin everyone. I am feeling rather miserable this morning. My eye is hurting and the tape is really irritating my face. I’ve gotten very little sleep and i’m pretty grumpy…or salty…LOL I have an appointment at 8:30 to get the bandage off and see how things went. Not sure…

Melody P.

Weight Loss Surgery Forums
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10,000+ steps daily

I get my steps in and do weights 3-4 times a week. Should I be doing more cardio? My sister says I should be able to do intense workouts, but im reluctant to do more because I already aim for 13,000 steps or more daily. I'm disappointed I lost 10…

VSG | Aug 17, 2020 | Bariatric Surgeon: Dr.

Weight Loss Surgery Forums
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RNY reversed after 12.5 years. Now needing a new surgery.

In 2004 I had RNY. 287 pounds starting weight. 2016 I was down to 98 pounds and was told I had to have it reversed or die. Soooo surgery was reversed. Since it was reversed I have ballooned to 266. Ugh 🤦‍♀️ The doctor that did my original RNY as…



Today is day one on here


In 2011 I had the sleeve.  I never lost any weight after the surgery.  3/22/21 I had the Gastro Bypass.  I have been working on my food addiction for over a year.  I lost 70lbs before the surgery and yesterday I made it to 100lbs gone.  I am proud of…

RNY | Mar 22, 2021 | Bariatric Surgeon: Dr.

19 years post-op


Still kicking,  life is good maintaining my weight at about 175 pounds..... had some issues with Iron/nutrients, ulcers, and have had 2 hernia repairs.  I need another one but the doctor said there's not enough left to sew together ???? Wishing everyone much sucess in your journey 


UPDATE: April 2021


Lots of learning last couple years. To be successful you need: Nutrition Sleep: 7-8 hours/night Water: 1 gallon per day (Water Only) Mindset Weight Loss is all about Calorie Deficit. You will never accurately know until you start logging every piece of food or liquid that enters your mouth. If…


Can I lose too much weight?


Hey everyone!! I had my surgery in Late July 2020 and as of today I have lost 76lbs (240lbs and now 164lbs) when I first started this journey in 2016 with the sleeve I was 310lbs so I have lost a total of 146lbs. I feel great with some days that…

VSG | Jun 27, 2016 | Bariatric Surgeon: Dr.

Starting Over


I had WLS about in 2007.  I has great success physically but mentally and spiritually I suffered.  My weight loss was solely based on the surgery and I never dealt with my lack of discipline.  


#premierprotein #breakfastinabottle


I would love to win the #premierproteingiveaway because this is my go-to breakfast drink. The smooth creamy taste is my favorite way to get my day going.


RNY Winnipeg Newbie


Hi All! in 2008 I had lapband surgery in Toronto.  I was successful in some weight loss but I had lots of problems with the band and had it removed in 2012. Flash forward to now and weight gain plus is where I am at. Last year I started the…


Premier protein sweepstakes!!


Love the caffe latte flavor!! Entered the sweepstakes, too!!

RNY | Feb 15, 2021 | Bariatric Surgeon: Dr.

I didn't stray too much


Spring break came and went, and I was able to visit my sisters in New Jersey and my son In Florida. My mom and my youngest daughter were absolutely sure that I was going to break my diet and gain weight. Yes, I strayed from my usual diet, packing in…


whomever said you will never be fat again...


LIED! So I haven't gained it ALL back... but quite a bit.  I'm in the midst of seeking insurance approval for a revision.  Please,  if you've had the surgery CHANGE YOUR WAYS.  It will come back.  Trust me.  Waiting on insurance approval for a revision is so stressful.  Cross your…



Dr. Arsalla Islam

Bariatric Surgeon

Absolutely love Dr Islam. I have had no complications. Dr Islam as well as her staff have been there for me with all my questions and concerns and have been very friendly. Dr Islam is very experienced and knowledgeable in bariatric surgery and needs. Would recommend her to anyone wanted…


Dr. Arsalla Islam

Bariatric Surgeon

Absolutely love Dr Islam. I have had no complications. Dr Islam as well as her staff have been there for me with all my questions and concerns and have been very friendly. Dr Islam is very experienced and knowledgeable in bariatric surgery and needs. Would recommend her to anyone wanted…


Dr. Guillermo Alvarez

Bariatric Surgeon

I had my VSG on 3/15/2021. I could not have had a better team than Dr Alvaraz and his group. From the housekeeping to the nursing, they were the best. I choose Dr. Alvarez because he is the best surgeon I know in the baractric world. I was taken care…


Dr. Dmitri Baranov

Bariatric Surgeon

Had my surgery @ Saratoga Hospital on 5/5/2021. I'm only 4 days Post Op. I'm looking forward to this new journey and new lifestyle. I thank Doctor Baranov as my surgeon and his practice/team. They were very informative and efficient. I stayed an extra night as I was unable to…


Dr. Dmitri Baranov

Bariatric Surgeon

I made the decision to have the Roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery, after multiple weight loss attempts, that always led to the same result, gaining all of the lost weight back. I attended the virtual seminar and called two days later to setup an office visit. I had my initial office…

- JDS1




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