LINX Procedure and Bariatric Surgery

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is a widely accepted procedure for patients with the disease of obesity and intractable gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Many experts believe that the sleeve gastrectomy does not reliably relieve or improve GERD symptoms and may induce GERD in some previously asymptomatic patients. Medical therapy is the first-line therapy for GERD after sleeve ...


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Surgery date 1.14.20. Down 37 but nothing for 2 weeks

What are you supposed to take in daily? how many calories carbs, fats, proteins im worried im doing this wrong and the stall is me thanks - 😳


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What's on your Tuesday Menu, RNYers?

Happy "day" everyone! I hope you all had a nice first day of the week. I was incredibly busy--I spend the day on Zoom calls from 7:30 - 4 with just a few non-video breaks. Today... none! I can finally get some work done, and I am totally going to…


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Vitamin B12 magic conquers diabetic neuropathy!

When I got the tingling feeling in my feet years after surgery to defeat my ( starting ) diabetes ..,, I was so confused and disappointed. I thought my diabetes risk was done and over after surgery ! I?m basically thin and healthy .,,I exercise ... why is this happening…

RNY | Jan 01, 2014 | Bariatric Surgeon: Dr.

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I’m new to all this!

I’m in the process of getting weight loss surgery. I originally thought of getting the sleeve. But, the dr said that due to all my previous history, he recommends the complete bypass. I have diabetes type2, high blood pressure. I’ve had 3 toes amputated in 2017. I’m just tired of…


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Pre vs Post Surgery food preferences

Are there any foods that you would never eat prior to surgery that you have grown to like/love now that you have undergone WLS? Trying to venture out and try new things and need some ideas!

RNY | Aug 04, 2008 | Bariatric Surgeon: Dr.

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What's on your Monday Menu, RNYers?

Haaaaaaaapy Monday, everyone! How are we all doing today? I had a weekend that felt more "normal" than its been in a month. I went for a nice long walk with my BFF on Saturday, and went grocery shopping for my parents yesterday and then had a socially distant visit…


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My surgeon said to start taking my chewable multi vitamin at 4 weeks post surgery.  I did on that one day and it was so disgusting I haven't been able to force myself to do it again.  That was a week and a half ago!  I bought the Bariatric Advantage…


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My doctor has suggested Bariatric Fusion vitamins, but I'm wondering if there are other choices that might be a bit less expensive. I would love to hear what others are taking. Thanks so much!


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HEY everyone! I am so confused on which vitamins are very good for me and my new sleeve. I just finished a bottle of bariatric vitamins that were huge chewables and made me gag sometimes vomit every time I took them. I just went and bought myself the Flintstones complete…

VSG | Mar 10, 2016 | Bariatric Surgeon: Dr.

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How to get a referral to the bariatric clinic??

Hello. First time poster. Long time reader. I went to a walk in clinic to get a referral for the bariatric clinic. They said it was beyond their scope. I havent done a medically supervised weight loss program. I did pay a personal trainer thousands and lost 1% (almost nothing)…



My Thoughts

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With all that is going on right now I am finding it a little harder to stay on track with my journey to the place I have to be in order to have the bariatic surgery. Ihave a great support group at home but it is still hard with having…


Update to not at my goal


Hey yall,  So officially now I'm 15months post up, not my goal. Currently, I weigh 168lbs and want to be 145 or 150lbs. I eat around 1,000-1100  calories and workout  4- 5, but for three months, I've been between 167- 168lbs. My protein has been 80grams and low carbs and…

VSG | Dec 17, 2019 | Bariatric Surgeon: Dr.

I've lost 20 pounds


I should be happy, but I'm not. I've been down this same road so many times since I had weight loss surgery almost 12 years ago. I started my weight loss journey again and I'm down 20 pounds. I was tipping the scale at 250 pounds and I decided to…


weight loss journey

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i started out my journey at 345 lbs had RNY on september 12 with Dr. Carlyle  Dunshee have done down to 172 lbs in about 16 to 17 months. have had pannulectomy on january 22, 2020 with Dr. Richard Korentager at Ku medical center. am doing very well and am…


Rny bypass


Hello fellow losers. I just had my surgery on March 10 2020. I am in a ton of pain but I know it will be worth it once the pain subsides. I am not a great back to sleep laying person so I have been sleeping on my side and…


It's been a while


Hello all, well alot of things have changed. I got to have my knee replacement and now I am a little over a month post op from that. I am learning how to walk again. And I thought with me being layed up I would gain weight but I didn't…


Pre-OP Diet


Hello, I'm new here. I am scheduled for surgery next week. I am on my pre-op diet which happens to be full liquid. I am having a very hard time. I am on day 4 and it is not getting any better. Did anyone else have this problem?

RNY | Mar 20, 2020 | Bariatric Surgeon: Dr.

Foods for Soft diet

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Good afternoon everyone,    it's been 5 weeks since my surgery and I'm having a hard time with getting the right foods, especially high in protein. I can't drink 2 protein shakes a day, I'm lucky if I can have one. Today I'm starting my soft foods, I was wondering…


Fifteen Days...


Fifteen days to go. Very nervous. Friends and family are beginning to ask if I’m sure I want to do this, or if I’ve tried this cleanse or that diet. 5eyre viewing MY life using THEIR lenses. I can fully understand, but no thank you. As I advised one mother,…

Scotty W.

Moving along nicely but slow.....

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Hey Friends... Its been almost 5 month since my revision. All is well except for my sugars dropping too low on occation and a few episodes of vomiting.  Im off all diabetes meds and losing weight kinda slowly but happy. My revision surgery start weight was 222 lb now im…

lucille C.



Dr Joya Official

Bariatric Center

Nathalie answered all my questions. Everything was laid out well. It was nice having a sign with my name on it outside the PV airport. The hotel was nice. The hospital was clean and quiet. The staff was very friendly. Thanks to translator apps, it was easy. Most spoke English…


Dr. Jeffrey T. Landers

Bariatric Surgeon

Dr Landers and his office staff are the best. He not only restarted our hospitals bariatrics program but, he also advocated with our insurance program, to increase our coverage. I had my laparoscopic Roux n y, in september of 2019 and I could not be happier with my results.


Dr. Constantine T. Frantzides

Bariatric Surgeon

When you are pushing 400 pounds, like I was, life sucks. I failed miserably for years at losing weight and dieting. My marriage was falling apart, my parents were embarrassed of me, and I was short-tempered with my children. It was extremely difficult to climb up my stairs or to…


Bariatric Advantage®


I have been buying product at the Bariatric Advantage.com website. The customer service is beyond bad. If you want this product buy it somewhere else. They sent me product that was soon to expire and not only would they not replace it but the person I spoke to was condescending.…




Day of surgery on the left 10/31/00, 8 weeks post op on the right 12/27/00
almost 1 year post op, and much happier!!


Roux-en-Y on Oct 31, 2000 SEE MORE BEFORE & AFTERS