Bariatric Surgery: Pre-Op and a Post-Op Mindset

Pre-Op and First-Year Post-Op Mindset As pre-op patients with a first-year post-op mindset, so many of us worried about shopping for the necessities we needed. We want to make sure that our arsenal had all the necessary tools for success from a good blender to mini plates and tiny forks.   But one of the biggest ...


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What's on your (Monday) Menu?

hi all how was the weekend? Saturday I did some retail arbitrage at a local shop for resale so scored some amazing clothing. Can't wait to get that ready to list. sunday I meal prepped and did online stuff. took some self improvement session classes and those were interesting. QOTD:…


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I thought I was doing what was best but it all blew up.

So most of you know the story and its been a crazy and emotional week since the husband returned from his trip. I had taken much of the advice many of you gave and cautiously started planning on what I needed to do. As I stated in my last post…


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Sugar free chocolate

well, I've been stalled on weight loss for going on week three now.. I've been eating pretty good (I think) and my one little treat when I absolutely can't stand not having something has been these little russel stover sugar free peanut butter cups. I only ever have one a…


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Doctor wants me to have overnight sleep study

So my doctor has put in a referral for me to have an overnight sleep study. I have no idea what to expect. Sleeping somewhere besides my own bed? I cannot imagine that I will be able to even sleep much so it seems like it will be a waste…


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Question about caffeine after surgery

I like my caffeine. How long after your weight loss surgery did you have to wait to drink coffee or caffeinated drinks?


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Worried about the psychological evaluation

I have suffered from depression for many years mostly due to a personal tragedy that changed my life forever. I am on medication for it but I haven't been to a counselor in years. I also have anxiety and PTSD. I am worried about having to go through the mental…


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What’s on your Saturday menu?

Good morning everyone! Hope your weekend is starting off well. My right eye seems a little better as I can actually see some things rather than globs. Not much planned for today. I need to pick up a prescription but other than that...not much. I’m hoping my eye stays better…

Melody P.

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What’s on your Sunday menu?

I did this the other day! Thankfully I didn’t get hurt. I hope that all of y’all are having a good weekend. Mine is ok. My eye is a lot clearer today...still lots of stuff in my vision but at the same time a lot clearer. Not feeling 100%. Not…

Melody P.

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Why did you chose he VSG surgery and are you glad you did?

Hello. I am researching weight loss surgery and I am leaning towards the VSG. What are the pros and cons of VSG from your personal perspective? Thanks.


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Dr.almanza in mexico

I have a surgery scheduled with dr. Almanza in february 2019. Ive seen mixed reviews on him. Has anyone used him? Thoughts?

VSG | Feb 19, 2019 | Bariatric Surgeon: Dr.


Allow me to reintroduce myself...

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My name is Ana and I've been off of herefor a while but now I'm back , My goal is to get down to a healthy 160/165 pounds and be happy in the skin I'm in.


Failed My Sleeve... what is next?

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It has been awhile, so here is a reintro:   I figured I’d introduce myself & give a little background since my goal is to be an active member. I am working on getting the DS - I actually see the surgeon on Tuesday. I am in Florida, just relocated…

VSG | Jun 07, 2018 | Bariatric Surgeon: Dr.

Unexpected Downfall to weight loss *Little Graphic & Personal

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This year, not much is going on. We are trying to keep active as much as possible but with corna and an unexpcted downfall to weight loss; we have not been able to do much in the way of hiking, running, exerciseing. And yes I said downfall to weight loss…

RNY | Dec 20, 2017 | Bariatric Surgeon: Dr. Dr. James Ryan

Approaching 20yr anniversary!

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Highest weight 350+.  Lowest weight was 150 when I remarried 11/13/10.  As of today 1/20/21, 160.  10 lb gain over 10 years?  I'll take it!


Almost 7 years!


I made my page on here in 2014 while I was in my first time trying for wls insurance lapsed and I put it off.. I tried again in 2016 I had a huge run around so I put it off again.. 12/2017 I started doing Omad fasting lost 87lbs…


New to Site


My surgery on hold due to Covid out of control here is Arizona. All elective surgeries have been placed on hold. I was approved and scheduled then cancelled. Looking to read and join this community to know what to expect in the weeks to come after surgery. The pre op…

RNY | Mar 22, 2021 | Bariatric Surgeon: Dr.

Feeling sorry for myself..... ????


Sooooooo yall im in a bad spot right now. Went to doc yesterday for final pre-op app an they told me my insurance had not signed off on my surgery!!!! I mean wth...they had me go ahead with my final blood work an a ronna test today an even pre…

VSG | Jan 12, 2021 | Bariatric Surgeon: Dr.

Last doc app before surgery

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Headed to doc for my last appointment before surgery! Im so nervous an excited. I have been on this liquid diet seems like forever but ik its gonna be worth it. I have lost a little weight  I can tell in my arms an face. 2021 is gonna be my…

VSG | Jan 12, 2021 | Bariatric Surgeon: Dr.

12 days till my surgery an im freaking out!!!


So im 12 days out from my gastric sleeve an im a total wreck! Inhave waited so long (2yrs of hoops) an now that.its right in front of me im all in my feelings. The pre op diet has been the worst all clear liquids an protein shakes but i have…

VSG | Jan 12, 2021 | Bariatric Surgeon: Dr.

Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2020


I am 68 years old, and have had Type 2 Diabetes for several years. The insulin amounts injected just keep increasing in spite of me trying to lower my sugar readings, and my doctor told me she doesn’t want to increase them any longer and has no idea what to…




Bariatric Center

Dr. Alvarez is the best, the endobariatric hospital was clean, safe, and the staff was very professional. I was treated like royalty. I would recommend this place and Dr. A to anyone the interested in a healthy body and safe weight loss. They are very informative and always ready and…


Dr. Dmitri Baranov

Bariatric Surgeon

I had a great experience with Dr . Baranov. He is every attentive, friendly and willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have. When you see him, he wants to know your opinion on what you want on weight lose. He takes the time to visit you while…


Dr. Guillermo Alvarez

Bariatric Surgeon

Incredibly impressed with every step of the process. Brandi responded quickly to all my questions and the surgery went smoothly. If you are thinking of doing revision from lap band to sleeve, he is your surgeon! One month and down 15 lbs. slow and steady! If I didn’t lose anything…


Dr. Dmitri Baranov

Bariatric Surgeon

I had my gastric bypass with Dr Baranov one year ago. In addition to being a talented surgeon, he and his team were there for support and guidance every step of the way. I’ve lost over 100 pounds and couldn’t be happier! It has totally changed my life! So let…


Dr. Guillermo Alvarez

Bariatric Surgeon

Choosing Dr. A as the surgeon to perform my VSG was one of the best decisions I have made in my lifetime. The level of skill and overall care provided by him, his surgical team, and every single staff member was amazing. I would recommend Dr. A to anyone wanting…





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