What is a Nissen Fundoplication and the Connection With WLS?

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is prevalent in North America. 1 in 5 people will complain of GERD/heartburn symptoms this number increases in the people who are obese. People describe a burning sensation deep to the sternum, acidic sensation in the mouth, foul-smelling breath, teeth decay...

Is It Mission Impossible For Insurance To Pay For Plastic Surgery After WLS?

To learn more about navigating the insurance coverage maze, review my "Will Insurance Cover My Plast...

Will Insurance Cover My Plastic Surgery After Massive Weight Loss?

After a long struggle with weight control many people who successfully lose large amounts of weight ...
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  • What a difference a day can make.


    Yesterday was a big day, I got my staples out & did my post op blood work which looked really good, (just got the call) am off all post op meds. It feels nice to not be on a shoebox full...

  • After Surgery


    1-14-19 Surgery went well, they found a very tiny Hiatal hernia which they elected not to repair because it was so small and it had not been giving me any problems.  I was in recovery a bit ...

  • Slowing Down Due to Pain


    Today I went for my swim, but about part way through the first lap my shoulder started hurting. I had to just do walking laps. I didn't do my walk on the beach because I was taking care of m...

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  • Bye bye balanced meals for now


     I've decided to take a break on attempting to construct balanced meals. I think that's contributing to my anxiety and stress. For the last few days, I've been choosing a protein that I want...

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  • 5 days post op new here


    Hi I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi from San Diego, California. I don't know if I should knock on wood or something but I had surgery on the 9th of January and and have had no co...

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  • Baby Steps. But How Could I Forget?


    I've posted a few entries a good while ago on either the general discussion forum or RNY forum & Ohio members forum here. But as I stated, that was some months back in 2018. It slipped m...

  • The Day Before


    I slept in this morning trying to sleep away the time I had to worry. When I finally woke up this my first thought was "by this time tomorrow it will be over and I will be waking up or I wil...

  • Exercise Routine


    When I tried to diet back in 2008, I started walking on a treadmill and couldn't even do 5 minutes at 1.7 miles per hour. I eventually built up to where I was walking 4 miles a day on the be...

  • Panic........


    Panic has set in, I am less than 48 hours away from having a life changing surgery and every hour I change my mind about what I want to do.  What should I pack, do I need to take underwear, ...

  • On the other side....


    I keep hearing the Doors song in my head, "break on through to the other side." I feel like I have! Surgery day my whole body was trimmering as I thought, am I sure about doing this?!? I had...

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