Add Your Avatar

If you’re just getting started on your journey, it is a great idea to add a photo avatar early on in your journey. Not only will it help the community get to know you and share a little about your personality but it is also a great way to document changes in your journey. Remember to save all your avatars as you change them, they make really fun side by side comparisons!

Go into your “Settings"


Click on the "Avatar" tab


Photos/Avatars should not contain nudity, violent, offensive, or copyrighted materials. If violations are reported, please note your Photo/Avatar may be removed, and if abuse of the system persists, your account may be deleted.

Make Your Photo Avatar Friendly

There are a lot of options out there to make your photos Avatar size friendly. We recommend using what you're most comfortable with.  If you're completely new to creating an Avatar and would like a suggestion on a free online resource, here is one that some ObesityHelp members utilize.  It is really easy to use!


5 quick steps to make your Avatar at pictrit

  1. Choose your photo file and upload it.
  2. Change the size to 100 x 100.
  3. Slide the Zoom bar Up or Down to get the look you want.
  4. Drag the Yellow Square to  the area you want selected as your avatar.
  5. Click the big pictrit button on the right, then look for the "download" link.

After you download the photo to your system, you can then upload it into your ObesityHelp Avatar area!

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