OH Groups Community Guidelines

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OH Groups provide a way for our members to interact, share, obtain information and education, and support each other. OH Groups include members that have had various surgical procedures, have many interests, experiences and a desire to receive and give support.

Community Guidelines for OH Groups

OH Groups is a community that is run, managed and operated by each Group owner. Each Group owner has the ability to allow or discontinue group membership of any member. ObesityHelp does not moderate or become involved in disputes within an OH Group. Disagreements or disputes are conducted and resolved within the OH Group and will not be brought on the public message boards. Any thread or post containing issues within an OH Group will be removed at the discretion of ObesityHelp.

It is the responsibility of each OH Group owner and member to follow the Terms of Service. Click here to review our Terms of Service. By creating an OH Group and/or join as a member of an OH Group, you agree to comply fully with the Terms of Service and the OH Groups Community Guidelines. Participation in all OH Groups is subject to the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

In order to maintain the highest quality OH Groups, all group owners and members of an OH Group need to review and adhere to our OH Groups Community Guidelines. Failure to abide by the Terms of Service of ObesityHelp and the OH Groups Community Guidelines can result in deactivation and deletion of your OH Group (for Group owners) and removal of your membership in an OH Group at the discretion of the Group owner or ObesityHelp.

If an OH Group is public, all content and posting within any OH Group is “public? content viewable by all OH Group members and can possibly be accessed through a search on the Internet. ObesityHelp does not assure privacy to any OH Group owner or member outside ObesityHelp.

Ownership of an OH Group is voluntary and ObesityHelp reserves the right to delete any OH Group at their discretion. ObesityHelp accepts no responsibility or liability and is held harmless of any acts, creation and posting of an OH Group owner and/or member.

ObesityHelp does not edit posts, threads or content posted in our OH Groups. ObesityHelp may, in our sole discretion, make determinations and take action against any members who post material or engage in activity that violates our Terms of Service, Community Guidelines or otherwise objectionable as ObesityHelp deems. ObesityHelp reserves the right to terminate a member’s membership in any and all OH Groups, membership in ObesityHelp, PM account, profile, any and all posts and threads. Group owners will be notified when a report posts is made within an OH Group; ObesityHelp will not be notified when a post is reported.

Group owners and members must comply with all applicable local, state, federal laws, rules and regulations.

No posting of content protected by any intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights, without written permission from the other of such content.

Adult content is permitted only in groups that are indicated containing adult content. You must be 18 years of age or older to join and be a member of these OH Groups.

No solicitation, marketing, advertising, selling of goods and/or services are permitted without obtaining the approval by ObesityHelp management of OH Groups. Any group that solicits money for goods or services will be terminated.


Discussion Board Guidelines

● Do not spam OH Groups community or any OH Group.

● Do not post or provide links to content that is not relevant, disruptive or offensive to the OH Group or a thread.

● Do not post or provide links to content that could be considered threatening, harassing, abusive or offensive to any particular group of persons.

● Do not post or provide links of private, personal information or matters of any form of another person.

● Do not post or provide links of information or content that is sexually exploitative.

● Do not post, provide links or direct members to advertisements, solicitations, marketing or goods/services.

● Do not engage in a financial arrangement for the purchase of goods or services.


OH Group Community Conduct Guidelines

● Post clear, valuable, honest information.

● Make your comments useful and informative, and participatory to other Group members.

● Make your post relevant to the Group.

● Do not post any information or content that is obscene, pornographic or sexually explicit; depicts graphic or gratuitous violence.

● Membership is at the sole discretion and determination of the Group owner. Decisions as to termination of membership are exclusively the decision of each Group owner. ObesityHelp is not responsible for any decisions an OH Group owner makes.

● Disputes within an OH Group are to be resolved within the Group.

● ObesityHelp does not moderate or intervene in any disputes among members and/or Group owners of an OH Group.

● It is the responsibility of each member to perform due diligence as to any information or member’s credentials as represented within an OH Group.

● Any OH Group that is inactive as to member interaction, posting and activity within the Group for a period of three (3) months, ObesityHelp reserves the right to discontinue and terminate the OH Group.

For any questions, information, support, or to report major abuses of OH Groups, please e-mail [email protected].

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