Find a Surgeon, Hospital or Professional

Patient Placement Assistance: If you would like assistance in locating and selecting a surgeon, ObesityHelp's Patient Placement Team can help. You can call us at 888.744.5996. 

Find a Surgeon, Hospital, or Professional

You can use ObesityHelp's search to begin your research.  You can enter in just the professional type that you are looking for and click the "go" button to get to the overall map. This is helpful if you are looking in more than one state. Or you can narrow it down by entering in your City, State or Zip-code.


Here is the Map View of Bariatric Surgeons

If you hover over the map - you can see how many surgeons are in and area before clicking through.  You will also see Featured Bariatric Surgeons, with with quick links to get to their profiles. You can also browse by regions.


Sorting & Filtering

Once you have done your initial search and returned some search results, there will then be additional filters that you can apply.

  1. Sort By: You can choose how the final list is sorted.
  2. You can narrow down the directory list within the region by searching in the vicinity of a city.
  3. You can narrow down the directory list within the region by selecting only those who perform certain surgery types.
  4. Once you have filled in your options, click "Apply" to see your changes.



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