PCOS and Menstrual Pain

on 3/9/07 12:57 pm - Canada
Just wondering if anyone else has noticed that as they got older and their weight had increased, that they also had much greater menstrual pain.  Over the past nine months or so my weight hasn't changed much (it is obviously very high) but my cramps have been getting incredibly bad, especially pre-menstrually and I hadn't had this problem before.  When I ask my PCP he just says womens' cycles change throughout their lives.  Thanks a bunch Dr. H! Has anyone else experienced this?  And if so, what do you do to relieve the pain? Thanks, Alison
Mary .
on 7/7/07 2:04 am - TN
I had really painful ones up unless I was on the pill until the time I had my daughter (I was 27). After I had her, then the pain decreased a good deal and stayed manageable for several years.  By the time I was 32, though, my monthlies had gotten much, much heavier and painful. My gyn told me that it was not uncommon for PCOS and endometriosis to go hand in hand, so I had the belly button surgery for that. I wish that I could tell you that it helped with either the pain or the flow, but it didn't. My gyn offered me a prescription that he said could fix it, but the side effect was sterility (I think it was temporary, but I was afraid to chance it.) Now I just live with it. I manage the pain with 500mg of naproxen sodium three times a day for the first two or three days of my cycle. The flow has not improved. 
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