Does Anyone Have This Blender?

on 5/29/11 3:10 am - COLUMBIA CITY, IN
I've become a clean eater.  Omitted processed foods, eating mostly organic and raw foods.  Not much meat unless it is ground or organic.

I started wanting "green smoothies" with super foods and organic greens and fruits.  I bought a Blendtec blender (same kind as Starbucks).  They can blend to the cell wall of plants to get nutrients that can move into our blood cells.

This type blender is expensive, but I'm worth it, I'm doing well and I just had plastic surgery this week.  I was able to increase my protein and nutrients before surgery and am continuing for the next few months of recovery.  I have completely changed my eating lifestyle since RNY.

It makes great smoothies, shakes, ice cream and even grinds whole grains.

Magic Bullet and Oster blender just couldn't give me results I wanted.

Best wishes.
Highest Weight 255  * Wt loss includes 19 lb lost before surgery

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