Getting Started with Blogging

To get started go to "My OH" then "Blog"

You can keep track of your weight loss surgery journey with your ObesityHelp blog. Long term blogging and tracking has been known to be helpful with motivation and accountability. Some OH members like to use their blog to track the entire process from pre-op to after surgery including their daily life changes.  Others like to take a picture of their food and portion sizes and add favorite recipes.  Some like to blog about their major milestones and non-scale victories (NSVs) while check in once a month for measurements and weigh-ins.  Your blog is here for you to utilize on your journey in whatever way works best for you!


Your blog settings

After you enter into your blog administration area, you will see four tabs: Manage, Write, Comments and Settings. Click on the "Settings" tab.

Set up the following sections to suite your preferences and then click the "Save" button.

Adding a new blog post

In your blog administration area, click on the "Write" tab. Here you can begin writing your title and blog post.


After you enter your blog post in, you have more options such as tags, excerpt, privacy, publish date and permalink settings. Make the adjustments that you'd like for your post and click the "save" button.


Adding a new post directly from your profile

You can also create a new post directly from your profile page. While on your profile, look for the [Add Post] link.


Once you have published your posts, you can get back to them to edit or add more to them directly from your profile or via the "Manage" tab.

To manage your comments, go to the "Comments" tab

You will be able to "View", "Unapprove" or "Delete" the comments.


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