Getting Started with Goals

Share Your Goals

Sharing your goals or even posting them as a reminder for yourself is a good way to help yourself get and stay on track with those things most important to you. To check out all of the OH Community goals navigate to "Community" then "Goals".


Here you will see the Most Achieved, Recent and Popular Goals that people in the community are working on!  Underneath each goal, you will see the number of people in progress with a goal or that have achieved a goal.


You can click on one of the already created goals and join in on them.  You can also adjust one of your similar goals to one that has been already created.


Or you can create a brand new goal, by typing it in.

The goal system will check to see if the goal already exists.  If it doesn't, you'll then get to begin adding your new goal into the system.


 To add your new goal you will enter in the following:

To get to your goals

Go to My OH and then Goals - this is where you will be able to get to all of the goals you have created and achieved.  You will also be able to click over to the Public goal system from here.


Updating Your Goals

To update your goals from that area, you would click on any of your goals.  There will be able to update, set it as achieved or remove the goal if you no longer want to do the goal.


There is also a commenting area on each of the goals.  This is a great way to leave an update about your goal or leave encouragement to someone else that is working on their goals!

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