Getting Started with Health Tracker

We're currently working on updates to the Health Tracker system. When those are done, we will be updating our help files more indepthly. If you need Health Tracker assistance, please contact our Member Services Department through this form.

Go to "My OH" then "Health Tracker"


Setting up your Health Tracker

Upon using ObesityHelp's Health Tracker for the first time, you will be prompted to provide some basic information. While not required, providing this information will enable Health Tracker to more accurately depict your progress. You will be asked to provide your birthday, gender, display units and heights. After that click the "Launch Health Tracker" button. You can update that information at any time within Health Tracker by clicking the "Settings" button.


Tracking your full weight history and dieting attempts over the year can help you create a broad medical history. Many ObesityHelp members find this helpful to print off and share with their doctors, dietitians, and when submitting for insurance approval for bariatric surgery. 

Tracking Your Progress & Setting Goals

You can begin tracking your body weight, body fat percent and body measurements. You can also set a Goal for each variable that you are tracking. Goals can be updated at any time during your journey.  You can also go back in and enter in earlier measurements and weight entries by using the calendar selector.



After you have started tracking, you can also create and display your ticker! To learn how to set up your ticker, watch the video below or check out message board signature tutorial.


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