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Sep 21, 2022


My name is Barb.  One of those nurses who always took care of everyone else but herself.

I had the VGS procedure performed two months ago. Despite following the post nutritional guidelines fairly closely (I have only gotten in 64 oz of water once but i almost always hit my protein goal of 70 gms per day), I have lost very little weight and I am getting concerned. I am working hard now on doing better on the water. I have set an alarm that beeps every 30 minutes on my phone and training myself (Pavlov's dogs anyone?) to drink a few swallows when it beeps and that is helping significantly.

Even though I didnt seem to lose any weight in August, maybe 1-2 pounds, my clothes are MUCH looser. I'm not exercising yet either as I have a knee injury and will be having surgery on that next week. So I know Im not gaining muscle. 

MY sister has SADI-S done last week and her aide was a post sleeve patient two years prior. She told me that you will continue to lose for two years after the sleeve (she lost 60 pounds in the first year and 80 in the second) and that she sees that all the time in their patients and not to worry. 

Has anyone else had this experience?  Im eating 1000-1200 kcal a day, always get in over 60gms protein and usually over 75 gms. I drank 32-48 oz water daily but am upping that as well.

Am I doing something wrong or should I just chill?  I could use some factual encouragment right now.

Thank you so much,


HW 299 / Post presurgery diet 282 /  1 month post surgery 272 / 2 months after surgery 270. 



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