Sleeve to bypass revision help

Jul 12, 2020

Hello, So I am feeling very conflicted I had gastric sleeve about 15 months ago and have been doing great with it. I currently weigh 190 and have not lost much at all in the last 9 months but tolerate aml foods well and no issues except that I have gastric reflux as well as bile reflux as well as a hietal hernia requiring repair. I have to decide weather to do the hernia repair alone or do the bypass revision. I know for the reflux it's probably best to do both the hernia repair as well as bypass revision but my fear is that my doctor said you are not as restricted as with the sleeve and that scares me that I will regain weight. I already am not losing anymore and would like to lose about 30 more pounds. I'm so lost on what to do to be best for me in my situation and to lose more weight as well. Any input would be appreciated!!


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Jul 12, 2020
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