I'm going to try this again.

Jun 30, 2020

i will be going through the process again. I think hte higher power that be know that I was not ready the first time around. I took 2 years to your work on myself and how I really see myself. this is not a quick fix and that is not what i am looking for. I really want to be health and have the option of having a child someday. I know that I can not do that with this extra weight on. I have tried eveything and have gained it all back. in that past few months i have lost 7Lb and have kept it off, and i am very proud of myself. I have been making better choices in the food i eat and even have got up to move around, taking walks and doing DVD's with a workout partner. I just know the older i get the harder it will be. I am ready to take charge and contunie all the right things i have been doing. 


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Jun 18, 2020
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