My journey changed

May 15, 2018

my journey started in December of 2005. My dad, loving and sweet also a bit pushy convinced me to have WLS, attended the seminar on 12/1 in a cast because my angles couldn’t hold my weight any more. 30 days later, my ring was in place and my life began along a new path.  I followed every direction given, took me 4years but I hit my goal weight!

in 2014 my side effects started to become more frequent and more severe. Acid reflux that could bot be controlled by tums or Pepcid or any otc/prescription drug wasn’t workin. I was becoming more and more sick.

A miracle pregnancy and birth came along and the side effects just got worse. 

Spent a vast amount of time trying to locate my records and doctor. Once it was determined that was not going to happen i needed to take on the task of locating a doc who would help without the records. Found who I hope will be my savior. Test after test a surgical date set to remove the ring, open the stricture and fix a hernia. Plan was to have this done and wait a year to have the DS.  I am sitting here typing this the day after tHAT 1st surgery. It was not successful. Ring out but the vast amount of damage caused by years of side effects makes it impossible to have anything but RNY.

devistated as I am no longer a candidate for any other procedure I am then told I am having another procedure in a month. May be getting RNY then. That’s my store in cliff notes till now. 


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May 15, 2018
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