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Mar 07, 2018



I am not sure how active I will be here but I just found this site reading a blog and thought I would check it out. 


Soo Introductions....

I am 36, I live and work in Ohio.  I am a thyroid cancer survivor.  And I have been overweight all my life. 

In fact I think this might be the place where people would understand.  No one measures an adults height they just ask you and then chart whatever you tell them.  So I have been lying about my height for years, saying I was 5'7 instead of 5'6 to lower my BMI just that little bit.  This lie did not help me when I wanted to qualify for surgery but thankfully my Oncologist measured me and charted it accurately in the system.  I have this fear that this lie might still cause me problems...

So I am 5'6 and OMG I am going to type it right current weight is 255 and my highest was 267




I work in surgery, we do not do bariatic surgery at my facility but they do at another hospital associated with my hospital and I have been working my way through their program.  I am hoping to have Gastric Bypass, they also do the sleeve at this facility but I have horrible GERD and bypass is my best option

I had an information session in September of 2017, and got the call reguarding my insurance coverage ect ect on my 36th birthday!  I had not told anyone that I was even considering WLS, but I talked with my family who were incrediably supportive.  In fact my mom is going through the process now as well.  My insurance requires six months of nutrition counseling,  I have my third month appointment this Friday. (March 9th)


One of my good friends at work had bypass last summer and she is doing amazing!  She has been a great support and cheer leader and a great source of info when I have questions.  And going through the process with my mom has been nice, someone to drop caffeine and carbonated drinks with!  But sometimes it is frustrating. I am so excited she is doing this and I can think of no one I would want to go through this with than her she truly is my best friend.  But my family seems to far more supportive of her than of me, and now because I am further in the process and she just had her first appointment with a nutritionist she is being praised for already having some much done.  I am realizing I am going to have to remind myself this is not a contest, there is no winner and loser.  We are both doing what is best for us and we are in this together through it all to support each other to be our best. 


But sometimes it hurts when I am trying so hard, and all anyone can say to me is how proud they are of my mom.  I am proud of her too...but I am also proud of myself... ?

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