Keto... is it my cure?

Mar 11, 2018

Ive been in Ketoacidosis (sp?) before, Once i took optifast meals instea dof real food for 2 months, lost a ton of weight and was afraid of the operation beause my primary physician was apathertic and disorganized.

Im trying to push into Keto on my own, most calcs say i need like 220g fats 20g carbs and 190g of protient.  UGH

Tryign to be move active around the house, Ive started making daily goals, clean off the entryway shelves, scrub the floors,  (LOTS of stops and breaks) Being as heavy as I am is a hinderance enough,  adding a severly disabled Knee only compunds the issue.  But I am glad to say I am feeling a bit more productive.  There is still 2 cans of Coke Zero in the fridge and I drank 3 litres of water yesterday,  ate a couple Bananas as well!

Hoping to again get 2L of water in today, be a bit more active and maybe in a week see a difference on the scales.

I have an appt. to go see a dietitcian on Tuesday, well see how that goes

Add dancing to the list...  I used to love dancing and I do still love music. A great song gives me goosebumps =)

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