Feeling good

Nov 29, 2018

I never expected to want to write here every day. Originally, my thought was to record events, big thoughts and feelings and milestones here so I could look back on them. But this evening, I was talking with my wife about how well I feel, how optimistic I am, how ready I am to be successful, that I thought I should blog about it. People say there's power in writing things down, so I'm claiming that power.


My energy level is great. I was productive today and I feel comfortable getting the minimum liquids. Even the fact that I've developed a painful seroma at my large incision is doing nothing to bring me down. Yes, it hurts like heck, and the doctor's office was less than helpful. After my LapBand, I got a seroma at my port site, so this isn't a complete surprise. I felt that I still had a lot of fluid coming out of my drain when it was removed and that it should probably stay in a while. But, I was SO ready for it to be out and it was so tender, that I didn't share my concerns. 

Dr. Google will have to help me tonight. I don't remember if ice or heat is good for soothing and reabsorbing.

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