So much has changed since my last entry

May 20, 2024

I had bariatric RnY in 2012. Did very well, in spite of not having a not so supportive husband. Went from 303 to 189, then had an injury. 
We moved from Iowa to my home state of Virginia. My husband eventually came around. His job as a software engineer eventually moved us to Florida, where ironically, he wound up getting the sleeve in 2019
It was a blessing and a curse. The curse was transfer addiction in the form of alcoholism. We had a couple more moves (which is why I'm am in New Jersey). 
The stress of dealing with the alcoholism, moves, emotional eating etc took a toll. I had ENOUGH 

I had to save myself and my mental health was priority.  Divorce was the only option after 22 years. He moved back to Florida.  I put 40 pounds on. Enough. He's cleaned up his act, too little too late. We are amicable. I only wish the best 

Meanwhile; I've moved on. I have an amazing SUPPORTIVE man in my life.  I recently had distal bypass. And he's been by my side every step of the way 


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